Church At Litroe Organized in 1918

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Church Building was Burned Last December

Meeting in the store of Dr. P. K. Hudson on May 26, 1918 for the purpose of organizing a church, the people of the community of Litroe gathered that spring day in reverence under the direction of several elders and deacons.

Those charter members were:  Deacon Frank Graves and wife, W. A. Hale and wife; W. E. McLemore; W. D. McLemore and wife, Minnie McLemore; Harvey Taunton; Mrs. L. E. Smith; R. L. Womack and wife, Mrs. R. G . Towns and Rosa Towns.

Land to build a church was donated by D. P. K. Hudson. When the church was completed it seated around 250. The Rev. Green was the first pastor.  J. F. Langston was the first to join the church for baptism. The first Sunday School superintendent was Mrs. Emma Smith and it was organized by the Rev. Isaiah Watson. W. E. McLemore was the first deacon ordained in the church.

The church burned the night of December 31, 1938. Since then, Sunday School has been conducted at Mrs. Emma Smith’s home. A new church building has not yet been constructed. Plans for one in the future, however, are progressing.




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