Early Marriages Are Shown in Old Records

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

First License Was Issued July 24, 1839

Cyrus Rounsvall, Mahaly Smith Was First Couple

Lots of people make fun of the grandest institution in the world, marriage. Artists depict the “old battle-axe”, my mother-in-law.

Writers, in popular fiction popularize it.

But despite all of this, marriage is till one of the sacred heritages of man and has been for a long time..

Union Parish had its first marriage license issued July 24, 1839, over 100 years ago. It reads:

“State of Louisiana,
Parish of Union ”

“To any ordained minister of the Gospel domiciled within the parish and State aforesaid or to any Justice of the Peace legally authorized by law to celebrate marriages within the same place, Greeting. W. W. Farmer acting justice in and for said Parish you are hereby authorized and empowered to unite in the bonds of matrimony and holy wedlock Mr. Cyrus Rounsvall and Miss Mahaly Smith, both residents of said parish and said state and to solemnize and celebrate the said marriage between the parties as above named according to the laws and customs of the State of Louisiana and make your return hereof as the law directs and this is your authority for so doing.

Given under my hand, Seal of office, on this the 22nd day of July, A. D. 1839 John Taylor, Parish Judge” “State of Louisiana, Parish of Union ”

“I do hereby certify that I have on this day in pursuance of the foregoing license celebrated and solemnized a marriage between Mr. Cyrus Rounsavall and Mahaly Smith, agreeable to the laws and customs of the State of Louisiana. — W. W. Farmer, Justice of the Peace.”

“In testimony whereof, I have, together with the parties, and in presence of the undersigned witnesses, signed there presents on this the 24th day of July, A.D. 1839

Cyrus Rounsvall
Mahaly x Smith

Columbus Dutton
Benjamin Sluyten

Other Early Marriage Licenses and Certificates Follow:

William L. Smith to Jane Vickry, Jan 23, 1840

James Wheat to Rachel Pipes, Aug 7, 1839

Chesley D. Powell to Mary Rapso, Feb 6, 1840

A. B. Roberts to Louisa Greer, Feb 6, 1840

Alvey W. McCormack to Elizabeth Guice, March 5, 1840

David Colvin and Margaret Mickson, March 12, 1840

M. T. Hanaly and Sophie McNutt, May 14, 1840

William Butler and Nancy Till, Nov 11, 1840

John Jones and Morning Kimble, Dec. 22, 1840

Thomas Wilhite to Lear Farmer, Dec 24, 1840

Green A. Davis to Lucinda Burk, Sept 16, 1841

John Frisby and Nicippi Parker, Nov 18, 1841

David Redden and Jane Glass, Nov 28, 1841

Joel Foster and Anna Capers, Nov 23, 1841

John Ferguson and Mary S. Casons, Dec 5, 1841

Joseph W. Burford and Mariah Colvin, June 17, 1841

Martin Hendricks and Nancy Raily, June 7, 1841

W. Cahcoott and Rebecca Hanly, July 11, 1841

Peter Price and Charlotte Boatwright, July 14, 1841

Henry P. Anderson and Mary Wood, July 15, 1841

Thomas J. Stewart to Maria Griffing, Jan 7, 1841

Benjamin Temple and Cynthia Ann Parker, May 25, 1841

John B. Dees and Elizabeth Hendricks, April 15, 1841

Winkins Tutt and Sarah Ann Stewart, July 6, 1841

M Bone and Margaret Cavy, Aug 19, 1841

George W. Hollings to Mary Elizabeth Lucas, December 21, 1841

Samuel Ussery and Mary Ann Pipes, Jan 4, 1842

William J. Payne and Sibbellar Farmer, Jan 21, 1842

Henry Colvin and Elizabeth Johnson, March 17, 1842

Jameson Odom to Lavena Norman, April 7, 1842

D. P. A. Cook and Susan Beaty, July 19, 1842

Isaiah Vick and Elizabeth Skinner, July 25, 1842

David Stewart and Dehtha S Cook, Sept 29, 1842

Vinson Reppond and Nancy Terry, Aug 19, 1842

William M. Laurence and Sarah Culbertson, Nov 21, 1842

Reuben Harn and Francis Edwards, Dec 4, 1842

Thomas R. Williams and Elizabeth Jane Underwood, Dec 7 1842

James Cole and Mathilda Masterson, Oct 9, 1843

George W. Dutton and Mary A. Moore, Dec 28, 1844

Andrew Jones and Sarah Jones, Nov 24, 1844

Ambers Cordose and Emily A. Lucas, Aug 7, 1844

Daniel B. Acree and Rachel Farmer, Jan 24, 1844

Henry Hobbs and Nancy Honeycutt, Jan 17, 1843

Melton Railey and Elizabeth Bryan, Jan 28, 1845

William c. Hall and Martha McGough, Jan 30, 1845

Thomas Pearson and Frances Boatright, March 25, 1845

Thompson Wood and Eliza Hendrick, March 27, 1845

William O. Jones and Dorothy Payne, April 24, 1845

Ezra Curtis and Rachel Bird, May 4, 1845

James Jones and Mary Ann (?), May 28, 1845

Nathaniel Stokes and Frances ? Laprorite, June 5, 1845

? O. Wright and Setty Showan, Dec 20, 1842.

Thomas Jones and Lucinda Campbell, Dec 10, 1842

Josiah Taylor and Jamima Harrison, June 13, 1845

James E. Lyons and B. Barrett, Feb 24, 1845

Marion C. Wheat and Sarah Barrett, Dec 10, 1844

Franklin Jones and Caroline F. Smith, Dec 28, 1844

Lewis M. Powell and Adeline Bradford, July 15, 1845

George W. Copely and Margaret Ann Larkins, July 17, 1845

Derrel Carter and Mary Ward, Aug 28, 1845

James M. Turner and Mary Jane acree, Oct 19, 1845

Charles H. Railey and Sarah Ann Tutt, Nov 4, 1845

Jesse F. Fuller and Nancy Payne, Nov 20, 1845

Jared J. Bradley and Barbara Henry, July 21, 1842

George A. Killgore and Eliza Ann Taylor, March 12, 1846

William H. Berry and Mary Hutson, March 17, 1846

Samuel Griffin and Simmeon North, April 19, 1846

Edward B. Windes and Sarah C Carr, June 25, 1845

O H P Windes and Mary Jane Taylor, June 25, 1846

Eli Denton and Mary Puckett, Feb 16, 1846

John Sanders Norris and Sarah Hall, April 6, 1843

John Archer and Rachel Parker, April 6, 1843

David Harris and Sarah Ann Regan, March 19, 1843

Daniel Colvin and Catherine May, June 13, 1843

John Colvin and Nancy Shaw, Jan. 1, 1843

Jesse J. Hardy and Elizabeth Durkin, Jan 23, 1843

Daniel Puckett and Elizabeth Stewart, Dec 20, 1842

Hiram Cooper and Martha Jane Cooper, Jan 13, 1843

Benjamin Davis and Malinda Kelley, May 2, 1843

James Turner and Mary Redick, July 9, 1843

Phillip May and Josephine Anderson, Aug 31, 1843

Rufus Hollis and Mary Pool, July 12, 1843

Malcom McFarland and Mary Ramsey, Sept 28, 1843

Elisha Ward and Elizabeth Meeks, Sept 26, 1843

Jared F. Roberson and Margaret Love, Aug. 16, 1843

Albert Edwards and Margaret Shaw, Sept 17, 1843

William Tell and Masse Parker, Oct. 12, 1843

Thomas M. Smith and Margaret Clark, Oct. 3, 1843

Thomas Van Hook and Marie Burford, Nov., 1843

James Wright and Mary Pipes, Dec. 23, 1843

Willis Austin and Louisa Henderson, Feb 2, 1844

Willis Wood and Talitha Anderson, March 6, 1844

Elias Taylor and Nancy Cox, March 18, 1844

Milton H. Stewart and Anna Guice, March 28, 1844

Jesse Henderson and Ann Hart, May 28, 1844

John Stow and Elizabeth Freeman, June 13, 1844

Simpson W. Ramsey and Martha Ann Griffin, Aug, 29, 1844

John D. Owens and Malinda Adkins, Aug. 28, 1844

William C. Jackson and Hannah Pipes, Aug. 17, 1844

James Brunson and Harriett Greer, Aug. 20, 1844

John Sterling and Sophia Freeman, Aug 12, 1844

George M. Savage and Nancy Evans, Sept 20, 1844.

James J. Seale and Louisa Chadrick, Sept. 17, 1844

Nathaniel Russell and Rachel Mashet, Oct 12, 1844

William Ivey and Sarah Ellis, Oct. 23, 1844

James G. Wade and Rebecca Mixon, Nov 21, 1844

Josiah Greer and Mary Ann Smith, Nov. 11, 1844

Wesley Green and Mary Cox, Nov. 12, 1844

These are some of the early licenses and certificates issued. They were taken at random from the files in the parish court house and we are not responsible for omissions of any early marriages or any missspelling that might might have occurred because these names were copied from the records and some names were hard to distinguish.


From DSUpshaw – There was spot on the paper where a few names could not be read. You will know the ones by the (?)’s. The last paragraph was from The Gazette, not me. I found it funny that they misspelled “Misspelling”.


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