Farmerville Businesses 1939

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Farmerville Mercantile Chartered in 1913

Farmerville Mercantile Company, Ltd., is one of Farmerville’s oldest business establishments. Chartered December 13, 1913 with the doors opened for business on January 1, 1914, this general mercantile store has grown to be on of the town’s largest business establishments.

The Stockholders in the beginning were M. J. Pearson, J. D. Baughman, W. J. Turnage and J. W. Stancil.

The present stockholders are M. J. Pearson, president and manager; J. W. Booth, vice-president; and S. L. Smith, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Booth has been with the business since its organization.

The store operates a general mercantile business. Besides Mr. Booth and Mr. Smith, the store employs Layton Hester, Maurice Baxter, Miss Olivia Barr and two negroes.



Vogue Organized In August, 1937

The Vogue, located north of the court house square, is owned and operated by Mrs. Robert Albritton and George Greer.

The business was formerly owned by Mrs. Albritton and Mrs. P. L. Read, which they organized August 11, 1937. On August 1, 1938, Mr. Greer bought out Mrs. Read’s interest in the store.

The Vogue handles children’s ready-to-wear and some men’s furnishings.

Their slogan is: “If we havn’t got it we can get it for you…but we usually have it”.



Waller’s Is Modern Pressing Shop

Waller’s Pressing and Shoe Repair Shop, located back of the W. J. Turnage building, is owned and operated J. E. Waller.

Mr. Waller strives at all times to give the best service possible to his customers, calling for and delivering clothes at any hour of the day. His shop is modern in every detail and has the equipment to do good work with.

In addition to the cleaning and pressing business. Mr. Waller also has a shoe repair shop housed in the same building and can also give first-class work in repairing shoes.



Preaus Motor Co. Is Local Ford Dealer

Preaus Motor Company, local Ford dealers, is located on Main Street two blocks north of the Farmerville Bank. This business is owned by Fred Preaus.

Standard gas and oils are handled by this motor company in the service station end of the business. Tires, tubes and every kind of accessory may be found here and the service rendered is unexcelled anywhere.

A repair shop with trained mechanics is also connected with the business. Preaus Motor Company employs twelve men.

Mr. Preaus urges everyone to see the new 1940 Ford V-8 when it makes its appearance here within the next few days.



Gates’ Grocery One Of The Best

Gates’ Grocery, A. W. Gates owner,  started in business here on a cash basis in 1932, and since that time the business has grown to be one of the best grocery stores in Farmerville.

This grocery store, handling all staple and fancy groceries on the market, is presently located in the old K of P building on Main Street.

In connection with the grocery line, Mr. Gates also handles all kinds of native and K. C. meats in his modern market. A Popular brand of work clothes is also handled by Gates’ Grocery.



Hartman Bros. Are General Merchants

Mose and Lester Hartman, successors to the general mercantile business of their father Gus Hartman, who dies about seven years ago, are among the progressive merchants of Farmerville. Their business is located on main street in the building erected by their father years ago.

The Hartman brothers recently rented half of their large store building and are now occupying the north half of the building, dealing principally in feeds, seeds and fertilizer, and a large variety of hardware goods.

Gus Hartman started in business here about 1886.



Local Lumber Mill in Parish 27 Years

Dykes-Breathwit Lumber Company has operated in Union Parish since 1912, the company being located at different places in the parish during the 27  years of its existence.

Manufacturers of yellow pine lumber, this company sells about 98 per cent of its lumber outside of Union Parish. The company has a large payroll.

The owners are A. C. Dykes, Mrs. A. C. Dykes and J. W. Breathwit.Lumber



Cleo’s Is Modern Beauty Shop

Cleo’s Beauty Shop, owned and operated by Miss Cleo Taylor, is modern in every respect and the trade her patrons give her is evidence of the satisfactory service rendered.

Permanent waves, of every description, can be secured at Cleo’s, along with shampoo and set, manicures, etc.

The shop was formerly Carmon’s Beauty Shop. Miss Taylor employs two assistants.



Local Funeral Home Is Modern

Kilpatrick Funeral Home of Farmerville, owned and operated by E. N. Kilpatrick, is one of the finest in this section of the state.

Mr. Kilpatrick entered the undertaking business here fourteen years ago after completing a course in embalming and funeral directing at a Cincinnati college of embalming.

His business had such a rapid growth until in 1937 he built the large and complete funeral home he now occupies.

He is also president of the Kilpatrick Christian Burial Association, and has funeral homes at Bernice and Ruston. Both having recently been built and are modernly equipped.



Palace Theatre 1939


Herbert Green Is Esso Dealer

The Herbert Green Esso Service Station situated at the intersection of the Bernice and Marion highways handles Standard products exclusively  and is equipped to give expert washing and lubricating jobs.

Mr. Green has been in business at the same location for fifteen years, for six years he and his father operated the station as partners. From 1930 to 1936 Mr. Green was associated with Emmett Ward, and since that time has been sole proprietor.


Sam Gibson Sells Groceries, Gas, Oil

Located on the Marion highway in the northern part of town is Sam Gibson’s Grocery and Filing Station.

M. Gibson handles all goods of staple and fancy groceries and other general merchandise found in a first-class business of that kind.

In connection with the grocery business, Mr. Gibson sells Pan Am gasoline and oils.

Mr. Gibson started in business here in 1927 at his present location. He respectfully invites the opportunity of serving the public.



Dodge, Plymouth Sold by Tugwell

The Tugwell Motor Company is the authorized agency in Farmerville for Dodge and Plymouth automobiles.

Organized in 1938 with Metz Tugwell as president W. C. Tugwell vice-president and Miss Artie Rugg secretary-treasurer this local agency has prospered from the beginning.

Tugwell Motor Company is located on Main Street across from the Farmerville Ice Company. In addition to Pan-Am gasoline and oil products, they have a complete stock of Dodge-Plymouth parts and accessories and are equipped so as to give expert mechanical service in their repair shop.



Caskey & Matthews





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