Free Parish-Wide Barbecue to Be Held Here Centennial Day

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

In addition to the interesting program, Centennial Day will be celebrated with an old fashioned dinner on the ground and free barbecue. The meat committee is steadily working to obtain donations of meat and it is expected there will be an ample supply, but in order to add enjoyment to the occasion and to bring back old times, the Centennial committees urgently request all housewives of the parish to prepare and bring their baskets of food. They also request that these baskets contain everything available that is good to eat. Some confusion has arisen about bringing baskets, some thinking that only cakes and pies would be required, but the committees emphatically state that such is not the plan and full baskets are requested — fried chicken, chicken pies, boiled ham, salads, cakes, pies – in other words everything good to eat. Bring the whole chicken except the feathers and feet.

It is presently planned that the program, insofar as the selling of the tamer man is concerned, will be conducted as of old which will bring back to the minds and hearts of the people present those old times when housewives vied with each other as to the quality and quantity of food.

If you cannot bring a basket of food, you are still urged to be at this celebration, but bring the basket if possible.




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