Beulah Church Founded in 1884

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Beulah Church, near Cherry Ridge was founded in 1884.

Charter members were George A. Kilgore, Eliza Kilgore, Shepherd Welsh, Jemima Welsh, Joseph Abbott, Francis Abbott, J. P. Abbott, J. P. Abbott, Martha Welsh, Rosana Wade, William Davis, Lafayette Welsh, Sallie Welsh, Eligah Welsh, Lydia Welsh, Helen Cobb Davis, Estella Kilgore, R. M. Tatum, Martha Jane Tatum, Elias George, Nettie George, P. H. Gray, Lydia Gray, Sammuel Terral, Eliza Terral, J. J. Futch, Sallie Futch and Mattie Murphy.

Rev. Sam Cobb was elected the first pastor and R. M. Tatum, Church clerk.

The following ministers have served as pastors of this organization:

J. V. B. Waldrop, A. J. Calloway, Lucus, Billie Smith, M. V. Burns, King, W. P. Carter, Cooper, Cook, L. R. Morgan, Cleet, Smith, F. D. Bachman and Loy Baird, who is serving at present.

Since some of the records have been lost, it is not known how many people have been baptized into the fellowship of this organization.





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