Two Of The First Union Parish Officials, First Woman Resident

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Two of the First Union Parish Officals

Pictured above are two of the first officers of Union Parish and early settlers of Farmerville. Left to right: W. C. Carr, first sheriff and tax collector; his wife, Sallie Wood Carr; and John Taylor, first parish judge. Mr. Carr built the first house in Farmerville. It was at this house that the first parish police jury used to meet along with the parish and district court. Mr. Taylor was appointed the first parish judge. The parish’s judicial system was conducted by a parish judge up until the office was abolished and the jurisdiction placed under a district court. These two men were intimately connected with the early development of this parish for, besides serving in public offices, they were early business men and were active in church circles. Descendants of both men are still living in this parish, and these pictures were obtained by contacting some of their descendants.

Other pictures of early settlers appear elsewhere in this centennial edition.





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