Haile Church Was Founded in 1907

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Founded at Haile as the Unity Church on Oct. 20, 1907, the Haile Baptist Church has grown until today it has a membership of over 90 and owns its own church building.

The late Rev. J. V. B. Waldrop was the preacher who officiated the day the organization was formed. 19 were taken in on the basis of letters.

Rev. J. V. B. Waldrop was selected as the first pastor and C. L. Waldrop, clerk. Rev. Waldrop served as pastor of the church until 1914 when the Rev. W. T. Smith was called. In 1915 he was succeeded by the Rev. M. E. Cole, who was succeeded in 1918 by Rev. J. T. Smith.

In 1919, the Rev. Henry Smith was called to the pastorate of the church. In that same year, the Rev. W. T. Smith was recalled. Succeeding preachers were the Rev. S. Satterfield, Parker Canterberry, P. O. Moffett. P. W. Lofton, N. P. Smith and M. V. Burns.

The church, when first organized, met at the school building at Haile. In 1912, they bought this building when a new school structure was erected. In 1928 they built the present building.

Marion is an Integral Part of Union Parish





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