Marion’s Citizens Founded Baptist Church Nov. 20, ’90

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Rev. A. J. Calloway Was Instrumental in Founding of Church

On November 30, 1890 a group of Marion citizens met to form the Missionary Baptist Church of that town.

At 11 a.m. on that brisk, fall morning, the Rev. A. J. Calloway preached using as his text, “I command you, brethren, to the Lord and unto His grace”.

At 2 p.m., the official business that organized the church got underway. Those present were the Rev. Calloway, H. H. Ward, and the following deacons, C. C . Edwards, J. D. Crow and J. N. Loftin. James Edwards and L. E. Thomas were elected clerks of the church.

The following are charter members of the organization: B. T. Hopkins, Anne Spillers, Maggie Hopkins, M. D. Brasher, M. M. Crow, Alice Crow, Alice Frelloon, H. Reeves, Martha Reeves, Amanda Roark, T. M. Powell, T. J. Freeman, L. C. Langston, R. A. Alexander, J. H. Roark, Wade Cox, J. M. Wallace, L. W. Powell, J. C. Moore, Sisters L. A. Moore, Sallie Pryor and Minnie Wallace.

M. M. Crow and A. Reeves were made the first deacons and the Rev. Calloway was called to the pastorate.

The church has a continuous record from the date of its organization. It has grown until today it has over 200 members and a modern, brick building.

The following have served as pastors of the church, Rev. A. J. Calloway, Rev. D. W. Harrington, Rev. W. T. Smith, Rev. J. T. King, Rev. J. W. Elliot, Rev. Mina Cole, Rev. W. B. Carter.


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