Alabamians Settled Haile Community Early Last Century

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Like most of Union Parish’s settlements, Haile was settled early in the 19th century by immigrants from Alabama.

Some of those old families were: Johnston, Thomas, Toler, Wheeler, Stringer, Edwards, Williamson, Beasley, Striping, Jordan, Randall, Lee, Pace, Haile and Day.

The town was a typical small settlement. There were a few stores, a church and a few houses. It wasn’t until the railroad came through the town that any increase in the community’s settlement was noticed.

When the railroad was put through in 1904, the first post office for the settlement, with John M. Waldrop as postmaster, was put in. Several years after, S. L. Haile succeeded in getting a depot built and the town surveyed and laid out. The settlement was named after Haile for the work he had done.

In 1907, a church and school were built. Today the settlement has several stores, a cluster of houses, the church and school. It is a trading center for that section.


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