Bank of Bernice Organized in 1901

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

The Bank of Bernice was organized on November 1, 1901, three years after the town was established.

It was organized with $12, 500 stock which has increased until it is $25,000 today. The men who formed the organization had moved to Bernice from Ol Shiloh.

J. R. Fuller was the first president of the bank. R. T. Moore, its first vice-president and Y.  S. Fuller the first cashier. The board of directors included W. F. Grafton, E. C. Colvin, R. T. Moore, L. M. Dendy, M. A. Talbot, J. D. Hamilton, J. W. Heard, J. B. Fuller and G. W. Moore.

In 1925 the bank built the building which it now occupies.

Officers of the bank today are C. C. Colvin, president, M. W. Laurence, vice-president, L. H. Pratt, cashier, Guy M. McDonald, assistant cashier. Its present day board of directors include W. W. Pratt, C. C. Colvin, Harry Fuller, Guy M. McDonald, G. E. Lindsey, J. R. Fuller, L. H. Pratt, Will F. Grafton and M. W. Laurence.

A December 31, 1938 statement of the bank showed its resources to be $751,500.29 and its liabilities $751,599.29 of which $675,580 was deposits. It is a member of the F. D. I. C.



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