Mount Union Had Church in 1888

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Located on the Spearsville-Farmerville highway, three miles south of Spearsville, the Mount Union Missionary Baptist Church was founded the fourth Sunday in June, 1888 with about 25 members comprising the group that met that day.

The Rev. Henry Gathright was elected pastor and in the church’s first year of existence 15 new members were added.

The pastors who served the church are Waldrop, Hunt, Calloway, Waldrop, Smith, Burnside, Sawyers, Reed, Johnston, W. C. Smith, B. C. Smith, Satterfield, Morgan, Christian, and B. C. Smith, who is the church’s present pastor.

In 1908, a new church was erected with the Rev.. J. V. B. Waldrop preaching the dedicatory sermon.

Today, the church has a membership of around 175 and is rated the third largest in the Everett Association.

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