Van Hook Was On House Committee To Remove Farmer

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Thomas Van Hook, one of the founders of the parish and Town of Farmerville, has left much to the present day.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things he left is a letter written concerning the death of Lieut-Gov W. W. Farmer. Van Hook was serving in the legislature at the time and was on the committee appointed to care for the remains.

The letter follows:

“Baton Rouge
March 6, 1855

Dear Wife and Babies,

I am well and as quiet and comfortable as could be expected. I often think of home and desire to be there and I am truly glad that the time is soon coming when I shall be on my way home.

I am on the committee for the removal of the remains of Gov. Farmer, but we have not yet determined at what time we will be at Farmerville. There are thirteen members on the committee, and the citizens of Farmerville will be informed at what time we will be there, the only difficulty in the way now of fixing the time is the uncertainty of the rise of the water. I shall go to the city immediately after the adjournment and make all haste to get home. Until then I hope you will be able to take care of yourselves.

Yours most truly,
Thos Van Hook”

Another interesting document is a receipted bill as follows:

Farmerville, La., 
Feb. 1st, 1849

Thos Van Hook

To Union Academy, Dr.

To Tuition of daughter 50 months, $10 Cr by amt of school fund $2.72, (balance) $7.28. Paid to A. Carr.

The child referred to was Sarah Van Hook.



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