Shiloh Church Among Oldest In Union Parish

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Shiloh Church, among the oldest in the parish was constructed in 1849 with ten persons as charter members.

Those first members, W. C. Heard and wife, Sarah Heard, Lewis Fuller and wife, Sarah Fuller, John Miller and wife, Magarette Miller, and Eli Terry, chose as their first pastor, Elder Richard Fuller.

Elder Fuller served only a short time, however, and was succeeded by Elder Jesse Tubb, who lived at Shiloh. Elder Tubb was a merchant of means and a planter besides. He did not accept renumeration for his services and served the church for several years. Late in life he moved to Texas, suffered losses, and returned to Shiloh in July, 1886 for a week of preaching.

Another early pastor was Dr. A. Wade whose greatest contribution to the church was in his work with the Sunday School.

After Dr. Wade, came Sebrune J. Fuller who was pastor for several years. Through his influence and by resolution, the church became a “tetotal” organization. This, however, caused dissension among the church’s members and quite a few resigned but later came back in.

Elder A. Kitchens was an early pastor as was Elder S.  C. Lee, who served for quite a number of years. He was elected to the legislature of the state from Union Parish.

After him, the church began to ordain ministers. Johnathan Miller was ordained and became the church’s pastor for a number of years. Judge John Quillian, late in life, was ordained as a minister. He felt the need to go to Brazil as a missionary and in 1866 or 1867, he did go. Thus, Shiloh has the distinction of having furnished the first Baptist missionary to Brazil.

W. P. Smith was ordained in 1868 and served the church for about six years. Elder John Talbery, Dr. Colvin Hardin and Elder W. G. Simmons were ordained by the Shiloh Church.

After Rev. Smith, Dr. J. P. Everett was pastor for about 14 years.

In 1878, the Louisiana Baptist State convention was held at the church, Dr. J. P. Edwards was ordained at the church and about a month later, Pulaski Moore was ordained. At this session of the convention, the Executive State Mission Board was located at Shiloh.

Officers of the group elected at this meeting were: Dr. J. P. Everett, president; W. G. Friley, corresponding secretary; board members, J. R. Robinson, Sr., J. R. Fuller, J. D. Hamilton, R. J. Tabor, J. M. White and W. R. Rutland.

Elder J. U. H. Whorton succeeded Dr. Everett, who was forced to retire because of bad health, and served about three years, The church membership reached about 400 up to that time.

Elder J. W. Melton served as pastor from 1893-1898.

In 1898 Elder William Cooksey was ordained and served as pastor at Shiloh for about four years.

The number of baptisms in the history of the church is roughly set at 600. The convention has met at Shiloh in 1868, 1878, and the call session of 1889.


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