School Building in Downsville Started in Late 1880’s

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

In the late 80’s the first indication of the present day school system in Downsville made it s appearance with the erection of a building east of the Baptist church.

This building was an eight-room two-story structure and the second story was used as an auditorium and lodge hall.

Early teachers in the school were Professors Ponder, Albertson, Green, Phillips, Ferguson, Coker and Ives.

In the session of 1889-90, C. A. Ives and Eugene B. Ives were the sole teachers. Pupils were grouped by subjects rather than grades.

High school subjects offered were: English, grammar, rhetoric, English literature, Latin grammar, algebra, geometry, American history and geography. No science was offered.

The school was a tuition school at that time, as were most of the schools in Louisiana outside of a few large cities. The term lasted for six months.

The present building of the school was erected in 1924 and the school was made a standard high school in the spring of 1925. A Home Economics department was established in 1926, with Miss Mary Carney the first teacher.

The present day enrollment of the school runs around 200 and the school serves the entire surrounding community.


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