Liberty Church History Traced Back 102 Years

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

It is difficult to ascertain the history of old Liberty church, near Linville, which is said to be the oldest church in Union Parish. From the information secured by those who know, the records were burned many years ago and these records contained the writings of the founders of the church.

It is evident, however, from traditional history, practically reliable, that this church is at least 102 years old. The cemetery in the old churchyard there is said to be almost a hundred years old, and information says that there was a church there quite a while before the cemetery was started.

An old citizen of the Linville community says his father, who was born in 1830, at the age of seven remembered a church being at the spot, but no positive proof of this can be ascertained.

The present church building at Liberty was built in 1892.


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