Schools, Churches Early Concerned First Immigrants

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

The establishment of schools and churches were among the first acts of the early settlers of this parish after they had carved their homes from the forests.

Firm believers in worship and education, records show that they looked to the construction and provision of these institutes almost as soon as the logs of their cabins were in place.

Some of these churches and schools are still in existence. The buildings, however, no longer remain for they were constantly being torn down to provide for new, bigger and better buildings.

The establishment of religious schools constituted the next step in the educational development.

The record and tradition of every settlement in the parish shows that these settlers were progressive. They saw to the early establishment of their community churches and schools, and then they followed with the hewing out of roads where once mere trails had been.

The work that they instituted has born fruit. Many of their establishments today bear mute testimony of the hardy, progressive, God-fearing spirit of these pioneers.


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