Mt. Tabor Church Constituted in 1874

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Mt. Tabor church, which has a splendid background and history, was constituted November 29th, 1874.

The presbytery was composed of Elders S. C. Lee, John Talbert, S. P. Leggett and W. P. Smith.

The following were charter members: R. J. Tabor and wife, M. J. Tabor; B. F. Pleasant and wife, Mattie W. Pleasant; Caroline Welch, John T. Bolton, whose letter soon followed, and his wife, Nannie Bolton.

Among the earlier pastors of the church are listed, S. P. Leggett from the organization until 1880; S. C. Lee, one year, J. P. Everett, three years, Pulaski Moore, six years, W. D. Alford, two years, O. M. Lucas one year, A. J. Calloway, one year, F. M. Burns, one year, A. J. Slocum, one year, J. L. Hicks, two years, B. F. Neal, three years, J. E. Thompson, two years, Revs. S. R. Nolan, J. T. Smith, H. H. Ward, Duff Smith and others also have served. Rev. Carlos Rockett is the present pastor.

The clerk reports that the old church records are lost, therefore, it is impossible to furnish an accurate history.

In 1890, R. J. Tabor, one of the founders of the church and a great strength in it. moved back to Shiloh. He deeded to the church two acres of land for the church and cemetery. It was through his efforts that a Sunday school has been perpetuated at Mt. Tabor all through these years. Over three hundred members have been received into this church since its organization.


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