Election Commissioners for Primary on Jan. 19th

The Gazette
December 30, 1903

Farmerville — J. P. Odom, M. W. Rabun, W. C. C. Smith; J. D. Fenton, clerk.

Colson — F. T. Malone, C. H. Hudson, Henry Smith; Albert Smith clerk.

Ouachita — J. W. Parks, Guy Barr, Geo. F. Clark; C. H. Gully, clerk.

Marion — Jesse M. Nettlers, H. M. Lee, Morris Jarmon; C. T. Simmons, clerk.

Spearsville — J. M. Murphy, J. A. Carroll, J. W. Hunt; B. F. Post, clerk.

Cherry Ridge — J. J. Price, Jesse Odom, E. G. Carroll; J. E. Compton, clerk.

Junction City — W. A. Jackson, Frank Hayes, N. C. Ward; C. D. Frederick, clerk.

Bernice — J. T. Crews, N. O. Covington, E. B. Robinson, L. W. Landers, clerk.

Shiloh — J. W. Lee, J. E. Buckley, J. W. Heard; C. M. Farris, clerk.

Ebenezer — Eli Rugg, F. L. Dillard, L. L. Pardue; Tom Wade, clerk.

Mt. Ararat — R. F. Horton, J. S. Henry, T. A. Scains; E. T. Sellers, Jr., clerk.

O’Possum Walk — W. E. Clark, Thornton Tugwell, W. K. Slade; S. B. Smith, clerk

The above commissioners will also serve as commissioners in the Senatorial race which election also is held on the 19th day of Jan. 1904, but will keep separate boxes and tally sheets for the Senators.


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