New Year Resolutions

The Gazette
January 6, 1904

With the beginning of each New Year numbers of people form resolutions — for their betterment, of course. In fact, it is almost a universal habit or custom. Such resolutions are sometimes, yea, many times forgotten. But it is far better to make a good resolution and break it than not to have made it at all.

But we have a word to speak of a “new leaf” that the property owners of Farmerville have not yet “turned over,” and it is high time it were turned. The opening of the New Year is a good time to begin. What an appearance the town of Farmerville presents! Over the countenance of the stranger entering our gates there must come that grin that means so much in the way of ridicule. The houses are old and unpainted, the fences down and falling down, the yards with no evidence of care, everything looking dilapidated and daily growing into worse decay. It is enough to make one sick who loves beautiful surroundings.

This does not apply to all the property in Farmerville, but there is entirely too much of it in a neglected condition.

Let those who own property resolve — and stick to it — that they will at once begin to repair and beautify their places. It need not be attempted all at once, but by degrees things can be so much improved as to bring a smile to one entering the town. It is not necessary to suggest what is needed at each separate place. It is too apparent to the owner. Let the town wake up.


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