Silver City

The parish officials of Union Parish have been importuned to do something towards breaking up the rendezvous of gamblers and whisky drinkers, known as “Silver City,” situated out of the jurisdiction of the city officials, but within the jurisdiction of the parish officers, but as yet no steps have been taken by them. – Junction Democrat.

The duty of parish officials is not that of ferreting out violations of the law, but to arrest offenders against the law when affidavit is made. Of course, it is the duty of an officer to make an arrest without warrant, if the violation of law come under his personal observation, or, if notified of a crime committed that brooks no delay in the apprehension of the criminal; but, in the case referred to above it is clearly the duty of the citizens of Junction to obtain evidence sufficient for conviction, and make affidavit against the offenders of the law; then warrants will be issued, and you may bet your “old rocks” such warrants will executed. Let up on Union Parish officials, Bro. Dismukes, and put the individual citizen to work. Your meeting of citizens, having for its object the stamping out of “Silver City,” is a very laudable action, and is a step in the right direction. An officer of the law, in some instances, is as helpless as a “new born babe” without the assistance and support of the good citizenship of a community. He has no right to make an arrest on mere hearsay or complaint; and, as in the case of “Silver City,” his very presence would calm things so that he could not find excuse to to make an arrest. It is not an officer’s duty to turn detective. If the violations of the law in “Silver City” are so flagrant as to disturb the peace and harmony of Junction, it seems to us that it would be an easy matter for some one to make proper complaint, and thus give our officers firm ground for action.

The Proper Step

A mass meeting of the citizens of Junction City has been called for tonight, to adopt some means or measures to rid the town of that nuisance know as “Silver City,” situated just outside the corporate limits on the Louisiana side. If the people desire to rid the town of this eyesore they can do it and do it very effectively and the sooner it be done the better for the welfare of Junction City. Will the people act, or will they continue to sit quietly down and wink at such lawlessness and permit a certain element, which is largely in the minority, to continue to rule, ruin and destroy the fair name and reputation that our city has gained in the past two year? The Democrat has done everything in its power to eradicate the general bad impression of our town abroad, and had succeeded. Now will the law abiding citizens of Junction City permit the good impression of their town to be destroyed and placed where it once stood? God forbid. The Democrat expects to uphold the good and expose the bad deeds from every quarter, let the chips fall where they may. — Junction Democrat.

Now, you going to at the business in the proper manner, Bro. Dismukes, and all you need is some MAN with the backbone to ACT. Can you find him? As you ask, “Will the people act?” That’s the question. The answer is the solution of the whole problem. “Silver City”, as you term it, if conditions be as stated, is a menace to the community and to the parish, and should be stamped out. Let the proper parties take the proper steps and “Silver City” will be a thing of the past, and Junction can then rest int he peaceful serenity you claim for the past two year.


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