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January 13, 1904

A baby boy was born on Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Slawson Thursday night last.

One of Mr. C. T. Simmons cows has strayed from his place. Read ad in another column.

Mr. F. E. Mayo favored us last Saturday with a nice mess of venison, for which we extend thanks.

“Strength and vigor come of good food, duly digested. ‘Force,’ a ready-to-serve wheat and barley food, adds no burden, but sustains, nourishes, invigorates.”

Quite a number of pupils were prevented from attending school the first of the week on account of sickness.

We are glad to see Mr. W. J. Turnage able to be on the streets again, after his severe attack of muscular rheumatism.

Safe, swift and sure is the proper description of Cheatham’s Laxative Tablets. Cure colds in a day. Can be carried in vest pocket. Easy to take. Guaranteed. Price 25 cents. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins. 

Mr. D. J. Martin has moved his family to Farmerville and is occupying the residence recently vacated by Mr. J. H. Anderson.

A small office is being erected on the count house grounds, for the use of the parties who will oversee the work of the building crew.

You cannot afford to trifle with a cough. It may result in some serious if not fatal malady. Take time by the forelock and use Simmons’ Cough Syrup. Guaranteed. Price 25 and 50 cts. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

We understand that the steamer Oceola in an effort last week to make a trip up D’Arbonne ran aground and had to turn back.

The young people were handsomely entertained last Friday evening at the home of Mr. J. B. Clark, four miles north of town.

We will be prepared to furnish all kinds of fertilizers when water rises, at close figures. BALLARD & BAUGHMAN, Fertilizer Co.

Mr. J. M. Morrow, of the firm of M. T. Lewman & Co., contractors, is in Farmerville, and will superintend the construction of the new court house.

Rev. J. G. Sloane will preach at Ebenezer on next Sunday, 17th inst, at 11 o’clock; and on the 4th Sunday, 24th, at Freeman’s Chapel at 1 a. m., and at Greenville at 3 p. m.

No equal on earth has Hunt’s Lightning Oil for Rheumatism and Neuralgia, as well as Sprains, Cuts, Burns, Bruises, and Insect Bites and Stings. Guaranteed. Price 25 and 50 cents. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

Mr. S. L. Haile, of new Marion, was in our office Thursday, and informed us that the work of grading on the Little Rock & Monroe railroad is nearing completion, the force being now on the last five miles. Fifteen miles have already been graded.

Parents, do not neglect your children’s coughs, sore throats colds, etc.; they often lead to fatal results. Try Simmon’s Cough Syrup. Pleasant, safe and sure. Guaranteed. Price 25 and 50 cents. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins. 

Capt. Ashby arrived in Farmerville Sunday and will assume the duties of chief engineer of the Farmerville & Southern railroad. We learn that Mr. Martin, who has been holding that position and whose health has not been right good recently, will return with his family to Chicago.

HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE, Jackson, Miss., will take your note for tuition, payable when you secure a position. They guarantee positions, under reasonable conditions. They cannot supply the demand for bookkeepers and stenographers.

Caesar Conquered Britain. Malaria was conquered by Simmons’ Liver purifier (tin box.) Protected from moisture, dust and insects. Clears the complexion, cures constipation, aids and corrects action of the liver. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

Rev. J. G. Sloane, the new Methodist pastor, filled his first appointment here last Sunday. By reference to our directory you man learn the places and days of his regular services.

My friend, are you suffering from any annoying skin disease, such as Ringworm, Tetter, Eczema or anything similar? If so, just try one box of Hunt’s Cure. It never fails. Guaranteed. Price 50 cents. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

Messrs. Munholland, Preaus and Anderson addressed the people of that thriving town, Marion, last Friday night. The two former gentlemen spoke in behalf of their respective aspirations for office; the latter on the issues generally. They report a large and enthusiastic audience, among whom were many of the fair sex. On Saturday they spoke at Oakland to an appreciative audience. Each of the speakers report a splendid time.

Best Liniment on Earth.  Henry D. Baldwin, Supt. City Water Works, 
Shullsburg, Wis., writes: “I have tried many kinds of liniment, but have neer received much benefit until I used Ballard’s Snow Liniment for rheumatism and pains. I think it is the best liniment on earth.” 25c, 50c and $1.00 bottle.

Henry Miller was kicked by Jodie Clifton on Sunday night, the 3rd inst., at “Silver City,” a gambling bell just outside the corporate limits of Junction City, on the Louisiana side. Miller’s death was the result of a difficulty over a crap game. Clifton walked up behind Miller and slashed him across the throat with a knife, causing death in a few moments. The murderer made good his escape, and at this writing has not been apprehended.

IF UNWELL. Try a 50c bottle of HERBINE, notice the improvement speedily effected in your Appetite, Energy, Strength and Vigor. Watch how it brightens the spirites, gives freedom from Indigestion and Debility! Isaac Story, Ava, Mo., writes, Sept. 10th 1900. “I was in bad health, I had stomach trouble for 12 months, also dumb chills, Dr. J. W. Mory prescribed HERBINE, it cured me in two weeks. I can not recommend it to highly, it will do all you claim for it.”

THE WEATHER CALENDAR. The Chattanooga Medicine Co. the manufacturers of Wine of Cardui and Thedford’s Black Draught have just issued the 1904 edition of their Cardui Weather Chart and Calendar with its 13 sheets 13×20 inches in size makes a bright ornament for the wall and is a useful acquisition in any home or office on account of its displayed weather predictions. The prominent numbers can be read across a large room as can the colored signal flags showing the weather condition for each day. These weather signals illustrate the forecasts of Prof. Andres J. DeVoe who achieved great prominence by his accurate predictions of the great Galveston, St. Louis and Minnesota storms and cyclones. So great is the popularity of these predictions that they are printed in 2,500,000 of these calenders and in 18,000,000 of the Ladies’ Birthday Almanacs which are issued by the Chattanooga Medicine Co. each year. We understand that a copy of this weather chart and calendar may be secured by sending 10c. in stamps to the Chattanooga Medicine Company, Chattanooga, Tenn. Any of our readers who have not secured a copy of the Ladies’ Birthday Almanac can get one by sending their address to “Ladies Birthday Almanac”, Chattanooga, Tenn., or by calling on their druggist.

Mr. R. J. Rasbury and family, late of Farmerville, arrived in Ruston yesterday evening, where they will make their future home. Mr. Rusbury in company with Mr. W. L. Gill, of this place, is preparing to open up a mercantile business in the Hancock building. Bob is a Lincoln Parish boy and is at home in Ruston, where he clerked for several years in various stores. — Ruston Leader.

Rev. Charlisle P. B. Martin L. L. D. Waverly, Texas, writes: “Of a morning, when first rising, I often find a troublesome collection of phlegm, which produces a cough, and is very heard to dislodge; but a small quantity of Ballard’s Horehound Syrup will at once dislodge it, and the trouble is over. I know of no medicine that is equal to it, and it is so pleasant to take. I can most cordially recommend it to all persons, needing a medicine for throat and lung troubles.” Price 25c, 50c, $1.00 bottle.

The course in music in the Louisiana Industrial Institute, at Ruston, La. is especially strong this year, an unusually competent corps of teachers, both instrumental and vocal, having been selected by President J. B. Aswell. The second term opens Jan. 26, 1904, and an excellent attendance is assured. — Crowley Signal

NOTICE TO CREDITORS. All parties holding claims against the estate of G. R. Townes, deceased, must present the same to me withing ten days from date hereof as I shall then file a tableau of the debts of said successions. R. G. Townes, Administrator, Jan. 13, 1904.

Ruston had two fires and one fire scare on Sunday the 3rd inst. Two residences were burned to the ground, and a chimney on fire called out the citizens.

Miss Lillie Barnes, who has been on a visit to relatives at Arcadia, returned home yesterday.

B. S. Thruston, a young white man of Union Parish, was killed Saturday by being run over by a log wagon at Colson’s. He was 28 years old. — Monroe Star.

The “Jolly Six” held their regular meeting at the Hartman House last Thursday evening. Dancing was indulged in until tired bodies warned them to desist. Miss Florence Donley and Mr. Jewell Webb were the guests of the evening.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Clark entertained the young people at their residence 4 miles from Farmerville last Friday evening. Dancing was the principal feature of the evening, and every one present imbibed so freely of the wine of pleasure that it was time to say good bye ere they aware. Those present from Farmerville were Misses Florence Donley, Julia Donley and Ellen Haas, and Messrs. P. Ramsey, D. O. Ramsey, B. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Maroney and the “Jolly Six”.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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