Taylor, Wright and Butler

I need some help so tonight we are going in a different direction. About a year ago I kept running into the name Miears/Myers in my DNA matches. That name had never come up before. After a while all the matches ended up at Nancy Schuler Clowers and Jarred/Jarrett/Jerard Solomon Miears/Myers. Yes, you did read that right. None of those names matched anyone.

I worked on that for months before giving in and sending my cousin Maradee an e-mail. She was as excited as I was. You see we share a mystery man for a 3rd great grandfather. It had to be John Johnson Butler’s family. Then I saw it. Two of the daughters had married brothers. To make things even more confusing, Nancy had married the brothers’ father when her first husband died. The worst was still to come. The new husband was Asa Elijah Wright. His first wife and the mother of his children was Elizabeth “Betsy’ Taylor, the daughter of William Taylor, my 4th great grandfather, on my dad’s side. John Johnson Butler was on my mom’s side.

Elizabeth “Betsy Taylor

I didn’t have a Betsy in William Taylor’s list of children, so I just sent out a e-mail to Tim Hudson. He informed me that Betsy wasn’t on his list either but there were lots of people who believed she was a daughter.

The next step was to break the news to Maradee. While I was finding Betsy, she was finding all kinds of evidence that Asa was a close relative on our mothers’ side. That is when life barged in and both of us got busy.

I am ready to go back to work on this. So, if any of you know for sure if William Taylor had a daughter named Betsy please let us know. If you know that Johnson Wright had a daughter who married a Butler, I would love to hear about it. In the meantime, say some prayers for Maradee.


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