Edna Liggin 100th Birthday

Kim Cox
Published on June 13, 2016

Edna Marie Matthews Liggin was born in 1916 in Chase, Louisiana. She and her husband Malvin Liggin raised their 3 daughters (Maradee Liggin Cryer, Molly Liggin Rankin, and Jeanne Liggin Salvagio) in Shiloh (a community of Bernice, Louisiana). Edna was famous for her fried apple pies, for being the “Bookmobile Lady”, for her Bottle Barn on the Bernice-Farmerville Hwy, for her service as a historian for Shiloh Baptist Church and the Bernice community, and for her skill in writing and storytelling. She was beloved by her children, grandchildren, and all that knew her! She would have been 100 years old today 🙂 Happy Birthday (Momma, Granny, Ms. Edna)!!! We love you!!

Edna Matthews Liggin will always be remembered as the official historian of Union Parish and the Book Mobile Lady. She began writing the Uncle Lige column in The Gazette in 1939. Over the years she wrote many articles about the Union Parish history, the people there and her bottle collection. In her retired years she enjoyed visiting the older people in the Union Parish community.





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