Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
February 10, 1904

Read “ad” of stray pony in another column.

Messrs. J. D. Hopkins and Jas. Taylor of Marion, were in town Monday.

We will prepared to furnish all kinds of fertilizers when water rises, at close figures. BALLARD & BAUGHAMAN, Fertilizer Co.

Mrs. Lou Jameson and Mrs. J. G. Trimble left yesterday morning for a visit to relatives in Ruston.

WARNING NOTICE. All parties are hereby warned not to dump any dead carcasses on my property under penalty of the law. I will also prosecute any person who leaves a dead animal near the road between my place and Farmerville. Take warning and act accordingly. J. D. BAUGHMAN

One of the twin babies of Mr. J. M. Cooper, of Conway, died Saturday night, and the other was reported very low.

It Matters Not. No matter the name; no matter the place; if you are afflicted with this intolerable, often excruciating itching sensation, you want a cure and want it quick. Hunt’s Cure is an infallible, never failing remedy. It cures. Only 5c per box and strictly guaranteed.

We learn that almost the entire family of Mr. Wm. J. Roane are abed with the measles. Mr. Roane himself has just recovered from an attack of the disease.

The Lost Ring. Woman lived in Rackensack, had a ringworm on her back. Said she would not care a scratch, but ’twas where she couldn’t scratch. Therefore she could not endure, had to have aid quick and sure. One box of Hunt’s Cure, price 50c. did the work. It always does. It’s guaranteed.

The “sock social” at the Trimble residence last Friday night was a success in every way. Everyone present in every way. Everyone present had a good time, and the ? little sum of $30 was realized.

DOOMED TO TORMENT. Mr. P. C. Keever, Aberdeen, Miss., writes: “For years I suffered from a form of eczema which made life a burden. I thought I was doomed to perpetual torment here below., but your Hunt’s Cure rescued me. One box did the work, and the trouble has not returned. Many, many thanks”. Hunt’s Cure is guaranteed. 50c.

We notice that a force pump has been put in the public well on the court house square. This will be a big improvement on the old arrangement.

HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE, Jackson, Miss., will take your note for tuition, payable when you secure a position. They guarantee positions, under reasonable conditions. They cannot supply the demand for bookkeepers and stenographers.

It was such a stretch of authority – the arrest of Mayor Harrison on account of the Iroquois horror. Somebody was blameworthy, but it was obviously the inspectors and subordinate officials who neglected duties which they were definitely directed to perform.

The Wanderer. He left the dear homestead and the scenes of his youth. And went forth a wanderer; a searcher in truth. He looked not for treasure, naught he cared to be rich. What he sought for was something to cure his itch. He found it. Name, Hunt’s Cure. Price 50c.

The Democratic party is so governed by principle that it is weak in cohesive elements. The Republicans in Congress act as one many; the Democrats seem hopelessly divided. They are worse off than the old woman who had two teeth left, one in each jaw. She earnestly called attention to that fact and added “But, thank God, they hit.”

Are You Restless at Night and harassed by a bad cough? Use Ballard’s Horehound Syrup, it will secure you sound sleep and affect a prompt and radical cure. Price 25c, 50c, and $1.00 a bottle.

The Washington clerks are still in a ferment over the rule compelling them to work seven hours a day. They even prefer cider that works only a little.

Its Everywhere. The Huts of the poor, the Halls of the rich, Are neither exempt from some form of itch. Perhaps a distinction may be made in the name, But the rich and the poor must scratch just the same. O’ why should the children of Adam endure An affliction so dreadful, when Hunt’s Cure does cure? All forms of itching. Price 50c. Guaranteed.

Before Uncle Sam goes gunning for the Russian bear because he delays to open the door real wide in Manchuria, it might be well for him to grease our own hinges in the Philippines.

It Matters Not. No matter the name; no matter the place; if you are afflicted with this intolerable, often excruciating itching sensation, you want a cure and want it quick. Hunt’s Cure is an infallible, never failing remedy. It cures. Only 50c per box and strictly guaranteed.

“If we cannot win with Roosevelt, we cannot win with anybody,” says Senator Platt of Connecticut. Well, who said you could?

Weak and Low-Spirited. A Correspondent thus describes his experience: “I can strongly recommend Herbine as a medicine of remarkable efficacy for indigestion, loss of appetite, sour taste in the mouth, palpitation, headache, drowsiness after meals with distressing mental depressions and low spirits. Herbine must be a unique preparation for cases such as mine, for a few doses entirely removed my complaint. I wonder at people going on suffering or spending their money on worthless things, when Herbine is procurable and so cheap.” Price 50c a bottle.

Mr. Bryan will visit Dixie in February addressing the legislatures in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, the Carolinas, Florida, Alabama, and perhaps other states.

Rev. Carlisle P. B. Martin L. L. D. Waverly, Texas, writes: “Of a morning, when first rising, I often find a troublesome collection of phlegm, which produces a cough, and is very hard to dislodge; but a small quantity of Ballard’s Horehound Syrup will at once dislodge it, and the trouble is over. I know of no medicine that is equal to it, and it is so pleasant to take. I can most cordially recommend it to all persons, needing a medicine for throat and lung troubles.” Price 25c, 50c, $1.00 bottle.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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