Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
February 17, 1904

Hereafter the forms of THE GAZETTE are closed on Tuesday evening to all matter save advertising. No variation from this rule.

WARNING NOTICE. All parties are hereby warned not to dump any dead carcasses on my property under penalty of the law. I will also prosecute any person who leaves a dead animal near the road between my place and Farmerville. Take warning and act accordingly. J. D. BAUGHMAN

Read advertisement of sale of stray pony in another column.

Mr. J. M. Morrow made a business trip to Monroe last week.

We will be prepared to furnish all kinds of fertilizers when water rises, at close figures. BALLARD & BAUGHMAN, FERTILIZER CO.

Mr. Edw. Everett this week moved into the Edmund Hass residence.

If you have lost a pony read the notice of stray mare in another column.

The young people enjoyed a social at the residence of M. Gilbert last Thursday night.

It Matters Not. No matter the name; no matter the place; if you are afflicted with this intolerable, often excruciating itching sensation, you want a cure and want it quick. Hunt’s Cure is an infallible, never failing remedy. It cures. Only 5c per box and strictly guaranteed.

Messrs. M. J. Pearson, W. J. Turnage and Harry Arent went to Monroe this week on business.

Measles is in a number of families in Farmerville. Both adults and children are afflicted with it.

At the close of business Monday the deposits of the Farmerville State Bank amounted to $54,485.18.

The Lost Ring. Woman lived in Rackensack, had a ringworm on her back. Said she would not care a scratch, but ’twas where she couldn’t scratch. Therefore she could not endure, had to have aid quick and sure. One box of Hunt’s Cure, price 50c. did the work. It always does. It’s guaranteed.

Messrs. Dudley Dawson and Carl Atkinson, with their families, now occupy Mrs. Everett’s residence.

A full supply of school books has just been received at THE GAZETTE office, and we can now supply your needs.

DOOMED TO TORMENT. Mr. P. C. Keever, Aberdeen, Miss., writes: “For years I suffered from a form of eczema which made life a burden. I thought I was doomed to perpetual torment here below., but your Hunt’s Cure rescued me. One box did the work, and the trouble has not returned. Many, many thanks”. Hunt’s Cure is guaranteed. 50c.

Low water in the bayou and the roads between here and Monroe make it difficult for our merchants to get goods.

HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE, Jackson, Miss., will take your note for tuition, payable when you secure a position. They guarantee positions, under reasonable conditions. They cannot supply the demand for bookkeepers and stenographers.

J. D. Long and sister, who have been visiting the family of their brother-in-law, Rev. J. T . King, returned to their home at Winnfield last Saturday.

The Wanderer. He left the dear homestead and the scenes of his youth. And went forth a wanderer; a searcher in truth. He looked not for treasure, naught he cared to be rich. What he sought for was something to cure his itch. He found it. Name, Hunt’s Cure. Price 50c.

Miss Norman Stewart, of Marion, attended the exercises of installation of the officers of the Woodman of the World Friday night. Several members of the Marion camp were in attendance.

The infant child of Mr. J. H. Anderson has been suffering for the past several days from a severe attack of pneumonia, but we are glad to say that at this writing the chances are favorable for its recovery.

Its Everywhere. The Huts of the poor, the Halls of the rich, Are neither exempt from some form of itch. Perhaps a distinction may be made in the name, But the rich and the poor must scratch just the same. O’ why should the children of Adam endure An affliction so dreadful, when Hunt’s Cure does cure? All forms of itching. Price 50c. Guaranteed.

A New Departure. The News Orleans Item great bargain week! One week only! During the week from February 28 to March 5, inclusive, mail subscriptions to the New Orleans Item, daily and and Sunday, for one year, 365 days, will be taken for only $3.00, regular price $5.00. Daily only, without Sunday, one year for only $2.00, regular price $3.50. Sunday only, one year for only $1.00, regular price $2.00. The Daily Item has from 10 to 12 pages. The Sunday Item 28 to 32 pages.

Careless shooting on the railroad line between here and Marion last Wednesday resulted in the death of a negro. It seems that two negroes were in some thick bushes at one side of the embankment. Another negro, the working partner of the man who was killed, was on top of the embankment and concluded to try the shooting qualities of his gun. His aim happened to be in the direction of the negroes in the bushes. A dead negro is the result of the shot. The negro who did the killing was brought to town Thursday for trial, when he accepted charge of manslaughter and waived preliminary trial, giving bond in the sum of $300 to await the action of the grand jury.

The Wanderer. He left the dear homestead and the scenes of his youth. And went forth a wanderer; a searcher in truth. He looked not for treasure, naught he cared to be rich. What he sought for was something to cure his itch. He found it. Name, Hunt’s Cure. Price 50c.

SMITH and STEELE WITHDRAW. Edw. Everett, Farmerville, La. Baton Rouge, Feb. 17, 1904. — Smith and Steele have withdrawn. Central Committee will fill vacancy. — W. N. McFarland.

The agricultural department, after a close investigation of its nature and habits, says the destructive of the boll weevil will be out the question, the only means to avoid the destruction of the cotton crop as a whole will be the cultivation of certain early varieties of the plant. Experiments will also be made in diversified crops to take the place of cotton in the infested region, a number of these experimental farms to be established at various points in the Southern states — thirteen of these farms to be located in Texas, five in Louisiana and three in Mississippi. — Ruston Leader.

Rev. J. G. Sloane filled his regular appointment at the Methodist church Sunday morning and night. He will preach at Ebenezer next Sunday.

STRAY PONY. I have lost a roan horse pony, short mane and foretop, star in his face, about nine years old, weighs 700 pounds. Finder will be rewarded by notifying me at Lapeer, Ark. J. W. Towns

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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