The W. O. W. Entertainment

The Gazette
February 17, 1904

On last Thursday night, according to previous announcement, the newly organized camp of Woodmen of the World had a public installation of its officers. The people generally had been invited and quite a large gathering was the result.

The enjoyment of the evening began with the opening of exercises by Council Commander Taylor in a few explanatory remarks.

Then followed short and happy talks by the following gentlemen, in the order named: W. D. Munholland, J. G. Sloane, J. L. Hopkins, J. T. King, J. M. Strange and J. G. Taylor. The speech of each of these gentlemen was well received and really enjoyed.

After the speeches came the installation of officers, which occupied only a short space of time. The ceremony witnessed was very impressive and the obligations taken by the officers were of such a nature as not to be lightly disregarded.

Now came the most interesting feature of the evening — especially to the little folk. A bounteous feast was spread on a table reaching the full length of the hall; and while happy laughter and jovial conversation would seem to divert attention from the edibles it was noticed that each individual did full justice to the delicious viands set before them. The W. O. W. deserve much credit for the success of such a hastily gotten up entertainment. Of course, the ladies as usual rendered valuable assistance when it came to the supper and their presence in the hall made the entire evening the more enjoyable. The crowd, after supper, soon dispersed, some to their homes and some to the residence of Mr. M. Gilbert to enjoy a dance. The W. O. W. sent into executive session.


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