Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
March 23, 1904

Mrs. J. O. Fuller to J. W. Davis, houses and lots in Bernice, $2500.
Henderson Bros. to Mrs. J. O. Fuller, lots in Bernice, $750.
Arkansas Southern R. R. to O. B. Hannon, lot in Bernice, $10.
O. O. Clark to H. L. Ferguson, 165 acres of land, $810.
W. F. Grafton to G. P. Sansing, storehouse and lot in Bernice, $660.
Heirs of S. E. Underwood to J. M. Underwood, Jr., 700 acres of land, $1300.
Jno. D. Doster to R. b. Harper, 1880 acres of land, $220.
Arkansas Southern R. R. to J. R. Bishop, lots in Junctions, $(?).
Lee Bayette to L.E. Smith, 120 acres of land $(?).
S. T. Gray to G. W. Mabry et al., 202 acres of land, $150.
W. R. Roberts to D. L. Cromwell, lot in Bernice, $300.
Rhoda A. Busby et al. to R. T. Moore, 80 acres of land, $800.
J. H. Ozley to C. R. Bailey, lot in Bernice, $40.
C. R. Bailey to W. E. Lowery, lot in Bernice, $40.
O. E. Glover to J. H. Galloway, lots in Bernice, $1160.
W. E. Lowery and R. F. Patterson to Amos Dean, lot in Bernice, $45.
Mrs. C. G. Brooks to Y. S. Fuller et al. 20 acres of land, $20.
Arkansas Southern R. R. to Y. S. Fuller, 8 lots in Bernice, $100
Elbert Hayes to C. J. Wilhite, 120 acrea of land, $175.
W. C. Murphy to W. A. Burke, 213 acres of land, $200.
W. B. Lowery to J. N. Alford, 160 acres of land, $160.
G. W. Cox to Mrs. M. F. (?), 200 acres of land, $215.
J. R. Risher to C. L. Gunby 80 acres of land for surrender of notes.
Mrs. L. C. Goyne and R. G. Goyne to J. A. Carroll, 200 acres of land, $300.


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