Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
April 6, 1904

J. B. Staples to Sol Crosby, 160 acres of land, $450.
Mrs. M. E. Thompson and Dr. O. H. Thompson to M. Brasher, 80 acres of land, $320.
Heirs of Hy Haynes to J. T. Kirbow, 40 acres of land, $40.
D. T. Ponder et al. to J. T. Kirbow, lots in Junction, $250.
Mrs. H. A. Dean to J. S. Meeks, half interest in tract of land, $100.
Willie H. Fitzgerald to Wm. H. Byrum, 53 acres of land, $175.
J. R. Fuller to T. H. Land, 140 acres of land, $350.
J. O. Hudnett to W. W. Staples, 96 acres of land, $165.
J. O. Hodnett to Champ Hunt, 80 acres of land, $110.


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