Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
April 27, 1904
J. M. Smith to J. P. Kirkpatrick, lot in Ouachita City, $25.
W. F. Usrey to Abner Green, 140 acres of land, $200.
H. F. Findley to B. B. Thomas, 160 acres of land for surrender of note.
W. S. Cooper to B. B. Thomas, 25 acres of land, $250.
Asa Rowland to Sam Pearson, 50 acres of land, $76.45.
B. F. Farrar, tutor, to J. W. Hunt, lots in Lillie, $190.
B F. Farrar, tutor, to E. A. Buckley, lot in Lillie, $35.
B. F. Farrar, tutor, to J. S. Farrar, 60 acres of land and lot in Lillie, $310.
L. J. Haynie to P. A. Brinker, lots in Junction City, $375.
John Right to H. E. Allen, 40 acres of land, $80
D. L. Bailey to J. W. Taylor, 60 acres of land, $100.
R. C. Murphy et al. to J. T. Davis, 80 acres of land, $160.
J. F. Sample to J. E. Cavanaugh et al. 80 acres of land, $175.
Lemon Smedley to J. F. Rutherford, 80 acres of land, $250.
W. D. McLemore to J. F. Rutherford, timber deed, $225.
W. J. Sinclair to Dr. O. H. Thompson, lot in Marion, $500.
R. Erland to S. D. Moss, lots in Junction City, $125.
S. D. Moss to Arthur Langston, lots in Junction City, $75.
Mrs. Lillian Harris to John F. Ramsey, interest in land, $140.
Mrs. Sallie Nolan to J. D. Nolan, 200 acres of land, $300.
Mrs. C. S. Dawkins to M. J. Pearson et al., exchange of lands.
Arkansas Southern R. R. to Ed. Barnes, lots in Bernice, $30.
Chas. L. Lewis to B. A. McCullar, lots in Bernice, $369.50.
J. R. Bishop to R. Eveland, lots in Junction City, $70.
S. D. Moss to W. D. Walters, lots in Junction City, $75.


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