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The Gazette
August 3, 1904 

Dr. Jones of Loutre La. was in Farmerville Tuesday.

The registration books of Union Parish opened on Aug. 1st. Don’t fail to read notice of same in this issue.

Store fixtures for Sale, including large iron safe, patent oil tank, platform scales, truck, standing desk, large lamps, etc. apply to J. G. TRIMBLE, Farmerville, La.

Mr. Jesse Johnson of Oakland died last Friday. THE GAZETTE extends much sympathy to his bereaved relatives and friends.

Cane Miles and Pans. I handle the celebrated Chattanooga Cane Mills and Pans. Give me your orders and I will guarantee prices. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Downsville will give a big barbecue on the 18th in honor of the Confederate Veterans reunion which meets there on that date.

Miss Edith Cann of Ruston is visiting Miss Rosa Ramsey of Farmerville.

As an ADVERTISING SCHEME that MOST EXCELLENT INSTITUTION, HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE Jackson, Miss., is offering a few scholarships at a BIG bargain. Write them.

Miss Hightower, of Junction City is visiting Farmerville, the guest of the Misses Donley.

It is with regret that we chronicle the death of Mr. Joe Dyer of ward 10, which occurred last Saturday morning.

Coming. I have a car load of the celebrated Weber wagons coming which will be here next week. If you want to best on the market come and see me before you buy. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

We are requested to announce that the Farmers Union will meet in Farmerville on Saturday, Aug. 27th, 1904.

The Best Prescription for Malaria, Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in a tasteless form. No cure, no pay. Price 50¢

The little Misses Webb of Monday are visiting their aunt, Mrs. Edw. Everett in Farmerville.

TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove’s signature on each box. 25¢.

Mr. Sam Smith of Conway neighborhood was on our streets Tuesday.

Mr. Carsten, the new jeweler who has been located in Farmerville for several weeks, has returned to Monroe.

Mr. Ludwig Hartman went to Monroe last Monday.

The various parish officers have moved into their new quarters in the new court house.

We regret to learn that Mrs. R. J. Poer is on the sick list this week.

On last Saturday a negro by the name of Bert Tally was brought in town and lodged in the parish prison charged with numerous burglaries around Lillie and Spearsville.

Rev B. F. Neal, assisted by Rev. R. M. Dollar, have been conducting a series of meetings at Mt. Ararat. They report quite a successful meeting having received thirteen additions to the church.

Miss Myrtle Goyne, of Ruston, La., and Misses Clara Moore and Eva Covington, of Bernice, La., are visiting Farmerville, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stencil.

We are requested to announce that there will be a big barbecue at Marion on the 5th of August. There will also be two ball games on that date. Everybody is invited to attend.

On Saturday afternoon the little son of Mr. Bat Brantley, was accidentally shot and quite seriously wounded. The little boy, who is 10 years old, and his brother, who is a year his senior, were out squirrel hunting and had stopped to gather some fruit, having leaned the gun against the fence, while they were stooping down gathering the fruit the gun fell from where they had placed it and went off, striking the little fellow in the side and back. While he is quite seriously hurt still he will very likely recover.

The is one of the many incidents which proves to parents that it is very dangerous to allow children to handle fire arms.

Mr. Laurence Johnson, marshal at Union saw mill, was shot and killed by a negro last Saturday.

We have not learned the particulars but it seems that marshal Johnson attempted to arrest a negro who resisted and in the fight which ensued the negro shot Johnson to death. It is also stated that the manager of the commissary, whose name we did not learn was very seriously wounded by the same negro. The negro escaped and up to the present writing had not been captured but a posse is in hot pursuit. Mr. Johnson was a native of Union Parish, having been raised near Oakland and was a nephew of Jesse Johnson, who died Friday, a notice of which is in this issue.

Already Ready. Cheatham’s Laxative Tablets cured me of third day chills and rid my system of malarial poison. They do what you say they will. I now carry a package in my vest pocket. They are always ready. L. M. DUNCAN, Pleasant Hill, La. 25c per box.

The prettiest game of baseball ever played in this parish was played between the Farmerville and Downsville team on the Holmesville grounds last Friday. The game was full of sensational plays and catches. At the end of the nine innings the score was a tie, and for three innings each team struggled to send the winning run across the plate, and finally in the last half the in the twelfth inning Add. Pardue, for the Downsville team, crossed the plate winning the game for Downsville by a score of four to three. The principle features of the game was the pitching of Hudson and Turner, for Farmerville and Downsville respectively. The double play from Taylor to Ramsey, and the wonderful ability of Add. Pardue as a base runner, he running for every other man on the Downsville team, and winding up by running for himself.

HERBINE. Renders the bile more fluid and thus helps the blood to flow; it affords prompt relief from biliousness, indigestion, sick and nervous headaches, and the over-indulgence in food and drink. Herbine acts quickly, a dose after meals will bring the patient into a good condition in a few days.

G. L. Caldwell, Agt. M. K. & T. R. R., Checotah, Ind. Ter., writes Apr. 18, 1903: “I was sick for over two years with enlargement of the liver and spleen. The doctors did me no good, and I had given up all hope of being cured, when my druggist advised me to use Herbine. It has made me sound and well.” 50c Sold by J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Program of the Reunion of Confederate Veterans at Downsville, La., Aug. 18, 1904.

Call to order by Capt. E. T. Sellers Prayer by Rev. D. L. Hicks, Rev. C. H. Raley, alternate. Address of welcome by E. T. Selllers. Response by Commander E. J. Lee. Address by Hon. O. C. Dawkins, Monroe, La. Address by Col. R. G. Pleasant, Shreveport, La. Dinner at one, p. m.

Afternoon: Address by Allen Barksdale, of Ruston, La. 10 minute speeches and reminiscences of the war by the veterans. Song by Prof. S. M. Lewis, “God be with you till we meet again, ” and parting hand. Closing prayer by P. Moore, O. A. Byrum, alternate.

All veterans, their families and friends are cordially invited to attend.

Miss Kate Hardy, of Ruston, is visiting her sister Mrs. J. G. Trimble in Farmerville.

The Farmerville Base ball team is booked to play the Oakland team at Marion next Saturday.

Mrs. J. G. Taylor and children are visiting in Junction City this week.

Mr. W. E. Clark, of Oakland, was in town Monday on business relative to qualifying as Notary Public.

Mr. Fred Tucker, of Oakland, was in Farmerville Monday qualifying as postmaster of Oakland.

TEST ITS VALUE. Simmons’ Liver Purifier is the most valuable remedy I ever tried for constipation and disordered Liver. It does its work thoroughly, but does not gripe like most remedies of its character. I certainly recommend it whenever the opportunity occurs. W. M. TOMLINSON, OSWEGO, KANSAS. Price 25 c.

We are requested to announce by Rev. J. T. King, pastor of the Farmerville Baptist Church, that a protracted meeting at the Baptist church in Farmerville on next Sunday. Rev. Tardy of Monroe will assist in the meeting.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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