Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
August 17, 1904

C. H. Wallace to I. D. Wallace, 35 acres of land, $250.
C. H. Wallace to I . F. Wallace, 170 acres of land, $1350.
I. F. Wallace to J. H. Wallace, 100 acres of land, $1100.
Henry N. Jones to B. S. & S. I. Tubbs, 80 acres of land, $486.
J. Stein by agt. to J. D. Baughman, 160 acres of land, $350.
Isaac Roos to D. Roos, 327 8-100 acres of land, $800.
M. F. P. Mabry to S. E. Phillips, 38 1/3 acres of land, $400.
James Farmer to J. G. Trimble, 60 acres of land, $87.57
J. D. Baughman to J. G. Trimble, 337 1/2 acres of land, $500.
Benj. Taylor to Board School Directors, 1 acre of land, $3.
F. O. Fuller to J. L. Littleton, 100 acres of land, $600.
W. H. Smith to J. T. Wainwright, one acre of land and improvements, $304.65.
Robt. L. Rea to J. R. Norris, 120 acres of land, $600.
Chicago Export Lbr. Co. to Jno. Ryan, 200 acres of land, quit claim.


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