D’Arbonne Dots

The Gazette
August 24, 1904

The ten days revival meeting which was conducted by Rev. Sloane and Rev. J. S. Sanders came to a close last Sunday.

Squire Eli Ruggs is constructing a commodious addition to his dwelling.

Mr. W. P. Turner is busy placing in his fall and winter stock which bids fair to be an attraction.

Dr. C. H. Laurence spent the past week in our town engaged professionally.

D’Arbonne turned out en masse to the Downsville barbecue Thursday. Even the postmaster was there mingling with the fair sex.

Master Lovelle and Miss Shirley Wade are visiting the St. Louis Fair.

Master Victor Carey has been home several days from the Fair.

Miss Sadie Carey has been mingling with the home folks since her return from the Fair.

Miss Ruby Bransford, of Ruston, spent a pleasant week with us visiting relatives and friends.

Miss Frankie Wade, accompanied by Misses Bert and Sue Kilgore and Lou Terral, of Cherry Ridge, were visitors to our town.

Miss Maggie Pardue left Saturday for a visit to her brother at Archibald, La.

The first bale of cotton for the season was bought by J. T. Wade last Saturday. It was grown by Jno. Garey and Jno. Payne. They received 12 cts per pound for it and it netted them $64.80, the bale weighing 540 pounds.

This is just ten days earlier than the bale last year which J. T. Wade sold in Monroe for 15 cts.

This is the fourth years that John Grey has been fortunate enough to market the first bale. He is a wooley old “coon” and has been with Mr. Wade for nineteen years.



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