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The Gazette
September 7, 1904

Miss Flora Hirach of Natches, Miss., is visiting in Farmerville, the guest of Miss Maud Selig.

Mr. M. J. Pearson and wife who have been on a visit to the World’s Fair for the past two weeks have returned to their home.

We are receiving our fall stock both plain and decorated lamps, which goes at a bargain. UNION GROCERY CO.

Miss Maud Selig paid a visit to Bernice last Monday.

Mr. A. S. Raley has moved his barber shop from the Donley building to old Recorder’s office in the northeast corner of court house square.

As an ADVERTISING SCHEME that MOST EXCELLENT INSTITUTION, HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE Jackson, Miss., is offering a few scholarships at a BIG bargain. Write them.

We learn that the laying of steel on the Farmerville and Southern railroad has actually begun and that steel has been laid to Cecil, at this rate the people of Farmerville can get their olfactory nerves in shape to smell car smoke in about two months.

We lead while others follow, in everything that’s carried in first class grocery. See us. UNION GROCERY CO.

Two prominent citizens of the southeastern part of the parish J. S. Henry and his son, Dr. J. R. Henry were arrested last Saturday by the United States Marshall on the charge of peonage. They were carried before the United State Commission F O’Kelley at Monroe and each gave bond for the amount of $1000.

I have just received a car load of the celebrated Weber wagons. Call on us before buying. J. D. BAUGHMAN, FARMERVILLE LA.

Rev. J. G. Sloane, who has been conducting a meeting at Greenville, La., passed through Farmerville Monday en route to his home in Ruston. He reports a fine meeting at Greenville having received five members to the church.

The Best Prescription for Malaria, Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in a tasteless form. No cure, no pay. Price 50¢

Selig and Baughman have purchased the lot formerly occupied by the old Fention blacksmith shop and are clearing away the rubbish, preparing to build a nice livery stable. The blacksmith shop which formerly stood on this site has bee torn down and removed to the vacant lot on Main street opposite Pleasant’s store.

We direct attention to the new advertisement of Dr. O. H. Thompson, Marion, La., With the expectation of a lively business in Marion in the advent of the railroad, he has taken time by the forelock, and replenished his large stock of goods with a complete line which he is offering at prices that defy competition. He handles the celebrated star brand shoes. Give him a call.

REMOVAL NOTICE. We have moved our blacksmith shop on Main street in front of K. A. Pleasant’s store. Price of horse shoeing reduced from $1.50 to $1.25 for four shoes. Call and see us. VERDEN & HALL.

Beautiful Women

Plump cheeks, flushed with the soft glow of health and pure complexion, make all women beautiful. Take a small dose of Herbine after each meal; it will prevent constipation and help digest what you have eaten. 50c. Mrs. Wm. M. Stroud.

Midlothian Texas, writes May 31, 1901; “We have used Herbine in our family for eight years, and found it the best medicine we ever used for constipation, bilious, fever and malaria. For sale by J. D. Baughman.

Mr. J. F. Samples of El Dorado, Ark., formally a resident of Union Parish, died last Thursday morning. Mr. Samples formerly lived in Oakland in the northern part of Union Parish, but about five years ago he moved to El Dorado, Ark., and embarked in the mercantile business where he has made a brilliant success. He leaves a family and a host of friends to mourn his untimely death.

Emergency Medicines

It is a great convenience to have at hand reliable remedies for use in cases of accident and for slight injuries and ailments. A good liniment and one that is fast becoming a favorite if not a household necessary is Chamberlain’s Pain Balm.

By applying it promptly to a cut, bruise or burn it allays the pain and causes the injury to heal in about one-third the time usually required, and as it is an antiseptic it prevents any danger of blood poisoning. When Pain Balm is kept at hand a sprain may be treated before inflammation sets in, which insures a quick recovery. For sale by all dealers.

Miss Jessie Tarkington, sister of Mrs. J. B. Clark, has returned from an extended visit to her sister Mrs. M. F. Gathright of Arkadelphia, and her father and mother and brother Mr. and Mrs. J. F. and Dr. A. R. Tarkington of Hot Springs Ark. She reports a good time.

HAS SOLD A PILE OF CHAMBERLAIN’S COUGH REMEDY. I have sold Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy for more than twenty years and it has given entire satisfaction. I have sold a pile of it and can recommend it highly. — JOSEPH McELHINEY Linton, Iowa. You will find this remedy a good friend when troubled with a cough or cold. It always affords quick relief and is pleasant to take. For sale by all dealers.

TEST ITS VALUE. Simmons’ Liver Purifier is the most valuable remedy I ever tried for constipation and disordered Liver. It does its work thoroughly, but does not gripe like most remedies of its character. I certainly recommend it whenever the opportunity occurs. W. M. TOMLINSON, OSWEGO, KANSAS. Price 25 c.

On last Friday evening the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Trimble was filled with quite a number of guest in celebration of the second anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Trimble.

Every one present enjoyed themselves to the utmost, as Mr. and Mrs. Trimble are ideal entertainers and they assisted by their sister, Miss Louise took particular pains to see that each guest present enjoyed himself.

The principle feature of the entertainment was “A Musical Romance” which was a very beautifully arranged little love story told by music, after which refreshments were served.

About eleven o’clock the guest disbanded and each left feeling that they never spent a more pleasant evening in their lives.

Public Speaking.

We are authorized to announce that Hon. O. C. Dawkins, candidate for Congress, will address the people of Union Parish at Farmerville next Saturday Sept. 10 in behalf of his candidacy at 1 o’clock p.m. We hope that the voters of Union Parish will give Mr. Dawkins a good audience.

Violent Attack of Diarrhea Cured by Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy and Perhaps a Life Saved.

“A short time ago I was taken with a violent attack of diarrhea and believe I would have died if I had not gotten relief,” says John J. Patton, a leading citizen of Patton, Ala. “A friend recommended Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy. I bought a twenty-five cent bottle and after taking three doses of it was entirely cured. I consider it the best remedy in the world for bowel complaints. For sale by all dealers.

I have been asked if I was receiving pay for advocating the election of Mr. Clayton to the district attorney’s office. Mr. Clayton is a man of too high integrity and ability to even propose such to me. I vote for him because he is a son of a Confederate soldier and honest and worthy man. P. W. Bearden.

TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove’s signature on each box. 25¢.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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