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September 14, 1904

Messrs. J. D. Baughman and J. E. Shaver went to Monroe today on business.

Mr. M. B. Schultz of Monroe is in Farmerville this week visiting his family.

We are receiving our fall stock both plain and decorated lamps, which goes at a bargain. UNION GROCERY CO.

Our old fellow townsman and Ex-Sheriff C. H. Murphy was in Farmerville last Monday.

Mrs. Sue L. Barnes and daughter left last Saturday for a visit to relatives in Arcadia La.

As an ADVERTISING SCHEME that MOST EXCELLENT INSTITUTION, HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE Jackson, Miss., is offering a few scholarships at a BIG bargain. Write them.

Mr. Joe Ramsey of Victoria, Ark., was in town Tuesday.

Mr. H. Ludwig who has been up in Arkansas for several months past returned home last week.

I have just received a car load of the celebrated Weber wagons. Call on us before buying.J. D. BAUGHMAN,FARMERVILLE LA.

We are requested to announce that the annual Camp meeting Fair of the North Louisiana Agricultural Society has been postponed from Sept. 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. to Sept. 28th, 29th, and 30th. Invitation extended to all who desire to come.

NOTICE. I will be in Bernice from September 18th to the 23rd and in Cherry Ridge from the 23rd to 30th prepared to do all kinds of dental work. DR. J. M. THURMAN.

In a recent meeting of the Farmerville Town Council they passed an ordinance to the effect that cows must be kept off the streets at night. This is an ordinance that Farmerville has long been in need of and if it is properly enforced it will not be but a short while before our town will present a much cleaner aspect.

REMOVAL NOTICE. We have moved our blacksmith shop on Main street in front of K. A. Pleasant’s store. Price of horse shoeing reduced from $1.50 to $1.25 for four shoes. Call and see us. VERDEN & HALL.

Mrs. J. G. Trimble left this morning for a visit in Ruston. She was accompanied by her brother, Mr. R. M. Hardy, who has been over here laying off town lots in Farmerville.

We lead while others follow, in everything that’s carried in first class grocery. See us. UNION GROCERY CO.

DENTAL NOTICE. I will be in Bernice Monday Sept. 19th to stay one week prepared to do all kinds of dental work. C. H. Laurence D. D. S.

We call attention to the new advertisement of Miss Sallie Spies, purchasing agent, Louisville, Ky., Ladies who desire fashionable up to date costumes will not regret sending orders to her.

Hon. O. C. Dawkins of Monroe, La. was in Farmerville last Saturday and while here made a very able speech in behalf of his candidacy for Congress.

Rev. H. H. Ward who has been holding a series of meeting at Evergreen church which closed on Sept. 4th. reports a fine meeting. He had 31 additions to the church and of which number there was 24 by baptism. He was assisted in his work by Rev. A. J. Calloway and others.

Emergency Medicines

It is a great convenience to have at hand reliable remedies for use in cases of accident and for slight injuries and ailments. A good liniment and one that is fast becoming a favorite if not a household necessary is Chamberlain’s Pain Balm.

By applying it promptly to a cut, bruise or burn it allays the pain and causes the injury to heal in about one-third the time usually required, and as it is an antiseptic it prevents any danger of blood poisoning. When Pain Balm is kept at hand a sprain may be treated before inflammation sets in, which insures a quick recovery. For sale by all dealers.

Judge R. B. Dawkins returned to Ruston today to resume his court duties. He was accompanied by his daughters Miss Corrie who will probably enter Ruston Industrial Institute for the coming season.

HAS SOLD A PILE OF CHAMBERLAIN’S COUGH REMEDY. I have sold Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy for more than twenty years and it has given entire satisfaction. I have sold a pile of it and can recommend it highly. — JOSEPH McELHINEY Linton, Iowa. You will find this remedy a good friend when troubled with a cough or cold. It always affords quick relief and is pleasant to take. For sale by all dealers.

Sup Aswell Coming.

The Parish Teachers Association will hold its next meeting at Bernice on Sept. 24 1904. I have just received a letter from Supt. Aswell, saying that he would be with us.

He will discuss the School Bond Constitutional Amendment which is to be submitted to the people at the election in November.

Every one is cordially invited to be present.

J. B. Hix.

Sprains. S. A. Read, Cisco, Texas, writes, Mar. 11, 1901. My wrist was sprained so badly by a fall that it was useless; and after using several remedies that failed to give relief, used Ballard’s Snow Liniment, and was cured. I earnestly recommend it to any one suffering from sprains. 25c 50c $1. Sold by J. D. Baughman.

Union Parish Medical Association

The Union Parish Medical Society met and temporarily organized at Farmerville La on Tuesday Sept 6th 1904 with Dr. C. H. Jameson president, Dr. Wm. Sellers vice president and Dr. R. L. Love Secretary and Treasurer.

Councilors: Drs. O. H. Thomson, G. P. Smith, P. A. Tatum, W. P. Griffin.


Dr. O. H. Thomson, Marion, La, G. P. Smith, Shiloh, La, D. B. Garland, Bernice La, J. G. Evans, Farmerville La, R. L. Love, Farmerville La, P. A. Tatum, Cherry Ridge La, C. H. Jameson, Farmerville La, J. G. Taylor Farmerville, La.

The purpose of this Society shall be to federate and bring forth one compact organization the medial fraternity of Union Parish, to further medical knowledge and the advancement of medical science to the elevation of the standard of medical education; to the promotion of friendly intercourse among physicians, and to guard and further their material interest so that the profession shall become more capable and honorable within its self and more useful to the public in the prevention and cure of diseases, to prolonging and adding comfort to life.


Dr. J. G. Taylor and Dr. J. G. Evans same to be submitted at next regular meeting.

There being no further business the society adjourned to meet again at the call of the president.

C. H. JAMESON, President, R. L. LOVE, Sec and Tres.


Upon to the time of our going to press we have received the results of the primary election for the district attorney in both parishes but we cannot learn much about the Congressional election. Clayton carried Lincoln Parish by a majority of 35 votes and Preaus carried Union Parish by a majority of 180 votes which gives Preaus a majority of 145 in both parishes.

We learn that O. C. Dawkins carried Union Parish by about 177 majority and also carried Ouachita, Morehouse, Lincoln, and Claiborne by a good majority.

Judge R.B. Dawkins having no opponent was re-elected Judge.

The Union Parish vote for district attorney is given below by boxes.

O’Possum Walk1717
Grange Hall1611
Ouachita City425
Mount Arat3616

Since writing the above another report has come in from Lincoln Parish to the effect that Preaus has carried Lincoln Parish by a majority of 8 votes with another Preaus box to hear from.

Steam Fittings and Beltings. Just received a complete outfit of Steam fixtures consisting of Inspirations, Lubricators, Valves and Steam fittings, also all sizes of Belting. Give me a call. J. D. BAUHMAN.

Geo. E. Head, the brilliant editor of the Ringgold Register dropped dead at his home in Arcadia last Monday. Editor Head had just launched only a few weeks ago, the Ringgold Register into the field of journalism and his paper showed prospect of a brilliant success.

Violent Attack of Diarrhea Cured by Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy and Perhaps a Life Saved.

“A short time ago I was taken with a violent attack of diarrhea and believe I would have died if I had not gotten relief,” says John J. Patton, a leading citizen of Patton, Ala. “A friend recommended Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy. I bought a twenty-five cent bottle and after taking three doses of it was entirely cured. I consider it the best remedy in the world for bowel complaints. For sale by all dealers.

Cam Brummett, the snuff man, and Buck Blaton, the Arm and Hammer Soda man, two popular young knights of the grip are in Farmerville today interviewing our merchants.

Beautiful Women

Plump cheeks, flushed with the soft glow of health and pure complexion, make all women beautiful. Take a small dose of Herbine after each meal; it will prevent constipation and help digest what you have eaten. 50c. Mrs. Wm. M. Stroud.

Midlothian Texas, writes May 31, 1901; “We have used Herbine in our family for eight years, and found it the best medicine we ever used for constipation, bilious, fever and malaria. For sale by J. D. Baughman.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.

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