Killing at Dubach

The Gazette
September 14, 1904

We heard through the medium of the Ruston Leader of a brutal murder which took place at Dubach on last Saturday night. It seems that one Oscar Marrow was engaged and about to be married to Mrs. Jas. Autrey who is a sister of Ogden and Grove Welch, who was bitterly opposed to their union.

On last Saturday he went to Ruston and obtained a marriage license and had arranged for the marriage to come off the following day. He then returned to Dubach and went around to the home of Mrs. Autrey to take supper and arrange for the coming marriage. It seems that the Welch boys knew that he would be there and having first drank freely of blind tiger booze went around to the home of their sister with the purpose of raising a row with Morrow. While Mrs. Autrey was engaged in her duties about the kitchen her brothers came in and quarreled with Morrow and drew their knives and Morrow, having no means of defending himself and suspecting what their intentions were fled to the kitchen where the Welchs followed him and while he cowered in a corner and piteously begged for his life they stabbed him to death.

The murderers have not been captured.


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