Court Proceedings

The Gazette
September 21, 1904

The first session of the District Court since the summer vacation was begun in the new court house last Monday.

The following is a list of the grand jury drawn to serve for the next six months beginning with the September term 1904.

A. B. Ford, Foreman, Jno. F. Ramsey, M. A. Scarborough, N. B. Pace, F. W. Mabry, E. G. Carroll, N. G. Ward, J. Golman, O. G. Burford, S. A. Graves, J. D. Crow and V. M. Harrell.

The following criminal cases have been disposed of up to date:


O. B. Holloway, selling liquor.


Henry Ham, selling liquor.
Henry Lowery, disturbing peace.


Three cases against Henry Ham for selling liquor.


Floyd Harrison, et al. disturbing the peace.
Wincie Pardham, selling liquor.
W. L. Thomas, Bruce Briggs, F. O. Fuller, and C. H. Wallace, violating primary election law.
Rich Rodgers, selling liquor.
Bradley Thornton, selling liquor.


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