Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
September 28, 1904

Who said rain?

Messrs Regan and Ross of Ruston were visitors in Farmerville Tuesday.

Mrs. J. B. Covington has been quite sick for the past few day.

Mr. K. A. Pleasant left Monday for St. Louis to see the sights of the big fair.

Mr. C. H. Jameson has commenced work on his new brick drug store on Main street.

Dr. A. C. Hammons, who has been away for the past three weeks on professional business has returned.

As an ADVERTISING SCHEME that MOST EXCELLENT INSTITUTION, HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE Jackson, Miss., is offering a few scholarships at a BIG bargain. Write them.

Farmerville High School opened regular session last Monday with enrollment of 86 pupils.

Messrs J. D. Green, T. A. Heard, M. A. Talbot, and T. F. Pilgreen of Bernice were visitors in Farmerville Monday.

The registration books will close (?) days before the election, on (?) 8th. If you wish to vote you (?) better attend to this important matter at once.

The little child of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Mayo, died Tuesday morning after a protracted illness of several weeks.

I have just received a car load of the celebrated Weber wagons. Call on us before buying.J. D. BAUGHMAN,FARMERVILLE LA.

Dr. C. H. Jameson and family of Master Jesse Stancil returned home for the Worlds Fair last week highly pleased with their trip.

Prof. J. B. Hix and Miss Evalen Evans went to Bernice last Saturday to attend the Union Parish teachers Association which met there.

Miss Flora Hirsch, of Natchez Miss, who has been visiting Misses Selig of Farmerville for the past two weeks left Sunday. She was accompanied as far as Ruston by Miss Maude Selig.

We learn that the Farmerville & Southern railroad is being completed very fast, as the connection train has already passed Marion and it will only take at two weeks to reach Farmerville.

Steam Fittings and Beltings. Just received a complete outfit of Steam fixtures consisting of Inspirations, Lubricators, Valves and Steam fittings, also all sizes of Belting. Give me a call. J. D. BAUHMAN.

Our townsman, Mr. M. Murphy, has been honored with the position of president of Citizens National Bank, at El Dorado, Ark., vice J. F. Sample, (?).

Do not fail to read and study carefully the amendments to the Louisiana Constitution which are now printed upon the outside of The Gazette and which will run until November 8th. You will be called upon to vote for or against each of these amendments at the next election in November and no man can vote intelligently unless he thoroughly understands what he is voting on. So be sure to read them.

Mr. J. H. Sanders and family moved in Farmerville Tuesday and will in the future make their hoe here. Mr. Sanders has purchased the Manning residence on the west side of town but he will reside in the Thomas residence until he can get possession of his home, which will be about the last of January. We are glad to welcome this estimable family to our town and would like to see more of them come.

What is the matter with the big barbecue, etc. that Farmerville is going to give in celebration of the arrival of the first train into Farmerville? We don’t hear anything of it these days. Has it died a natural death after having been so thoroughly cremated and resuscitated some time ago? If anything is going to be done it is high time we are at it as the cars will be running into Farmerville about two weeks hence. Let some hustling fellow take hold of this matter and push it through.

Emergency Medicines

It is a great convenience to have at hand reliable remedies for use in cases of accident and for slight injuries and ailments. A good liniment and one that is fast becoming a favorite if not a household necessary is Chamberlain’s Pain Balm.

By applying it promptly to a cut, bruise or burn it allays the pain and causes the injury to heal in about one-third the time usually required, and as it is an antiseptic it prevents any danger of blood poisoning. When Pain Balm is kept at hand a sprain may be treated before inflammation sets in, which insures a quick recovery. For sale by all dealers.

Democratic Judicial Executive Committee

Farmerville, La., Sept. 26, 1904.

The Democratic Executive Committee for the Fourth Judicial District of Louisiana met in the town of Farmerville, La., on Monday, the 26 day of Sept. 1904, for the purpose of canvassing the returns of the recent Primary Election in said District. Members present, M. F. Cary, J. G. Trimble, T. J. Breed, Proxy for M. J. Pearson and J.. G. Trimble, Proxy for S. M. Lewis and J. D. Barksdale. After examining the returns as submitted by the Chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee respectively Union and Lincoln Parishes, which compose said Judicial District, we do declare the following result of said Election:

J. M. Underwood234
J. A. Carroll250
M. F. Carey261
S. M. Lewis
W. A. Gullatt
W. J. Broadwell

We hereby declare R. B. Dawkins to be the democratic nominee for judge of the fourth judicial district, and F. F. Preaus the democratic nominee for district attorney. The newly elected executive committee is composed of the following members: Lincoln Parish, S. M. Lewis, W. A. Gullatt, W. J. Broadwell; Union Parish, M. F. Carey, J. A. Carroll and J. M. Underwood.

There being no further business, the committee adjourned. J. G. Trimble, Chairman; T. J. Breed, Sec. pro tem

Court Proceedings

The Grand Jury is still in session and up to Monday twenty three true bills had been returned to that body.

Among the bills found there is one each against Joe Green and Joe Rodgers, charging them with murder. These defendants are now in the parish jail and will doubtless be tried at the October term of the court.


Floyd Green, disturbing the peace
Margaret Fairchild, assault and battery
Henry Lowery, disturbing the peace
Henry Duke, carrying a weapon concealed.
Will Garner, carrying weapon concealed.


Olbie Holloway, selling liquor.


Henry Ham, selling liquor. Six months in jail to pay $100 and cost and in default of paying fine and cost to serve twelve months additional imprisonment.
Margaret Fairchild, assault and battery; $15 and cost or 40 days in jail.
Henry Lowery, disturbing peace. $2.50 or thirty days in jail.
Will Gardner carrying pistol. $25 and cost or 4 months in jail.
Floyd Green, disturbing peace, $7.50 or 30 days in jail.
Henry Duke, carrying pistol. $25 and cost or 4 months in jail.

Judgments were given in the following civil cases:

Colvin and Wainwright vs. Bernice Gin Co. Judgment in plaintiffs favor for about $60.
Wm. F. Barham vs. Alice U. Barham. Judgment of divorce for plainitiff.
M. P. Mason vs. Ark So R. R. Judgment for plaintiff for $60.
Adam Wayne vs. Emma Wayne. Judgment of divorce for plaintiff.
M. A. Talbot vs. Henry Johnson. Judgment for plaintiff for $339.
Meyer Bros. vs. Mrs. Bessie Burgy. Case dismissed on exception.
Stewart Bros. vs. J. B. Clark. Case dismissed on exception.

Beautiful Women

Plump cheeks, flushed with the soft glow of health and pure complexion, make all women beautiful. Take a small dose of Herbine after each meal; it will prevent constipation and help digest what you have eaten. 50c. Mrs. Wm. M. Stroud.

Midlothian Texas, writes May 31, 1901; “We have used Herbine in our family for eight years, and found it the best medicine we ever used for constipation, bilious, fever and malaria. For sale by J. D. Baughman.

The publishers of the beautiful song, “I wait alone for you,” by the late W. Wesley Wells, have sent us a copy of his last song. “My Mercedes,” which has just been published and which has just been published and which he composed a few weeks before his death. It is simply beautiful, easy to play, melodious and a perfect adaption, of exquisite words to a beautiful melody. The publishers, J. W. Jenkins Sons Music Co. of Kansas City, Mo., are making a special price of 25 cents per copy.

Sprains. S. A. Read, Cisco, Texas, writes, Mar. 11, 1901. My wrist was sprained so badly by a fall that it was useless; and after using several remedies that failed to give relief, used Ballard’s Snow Liniment, and was cured. I earnestly recommend it to any one suffering from sprains. 25c 50c $1. Sold by J. D. Baughman.

The convicted negro rapist of New Orleans, Mose Lewis, was hanged Friday. There was also another hanging scheduled for that day but upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons the Governor granted the young man, whose name is Foley and who was convicted of murder, a respite of two weeks in order to enable his attorneys to produce some more evidence which they claim to have and which probably will save Foley’s life.

THEY SHOULD. “My honest conviction based upon my own experience and that “Hunts Cure” will cure a larger per cent of skin troubles, especially of an itching variety, than any other remedy, certainly those afflicted with any form of itch should try it.” J. O. Monroe Atchison Kan 50c per box

Best in Existence. “I sincerely believe all things considered, Hunts lightning Oil is the most useful and valuable household remedy in existence, for Cuts, Burns, Sprains and Insect Bites, it has no equal so far as my experience goes.” G. E. Huntington, Eufalla, Ala. 25c and 50c bottles.

Dr. J. M. Gladney and Dr. S. M. Scott of Minden, La. indulged in the pleasant pastime of firing their “guns” at each other on the streets of Minden last Friday, resulting in Dr. Gladney being wounded slightly in the chest. Dr. Scott came out unhurt.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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