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The Gazette
October 5, 1904

We regret to learn Mrs. Ellen Levi has been quite sick for several days.

Mr. I. T. Fowler has moved back to Farmerville after an absence of several months.

Dr. R. L. Love has moved his office to the old clerk’s office on the corner of public square.

Mr. Edgbert Tugwell of Conway left Wednesday for Nashville, Tenn. to attend the medical school in that city.

I have just received a car load of the celebrated Weber wagons. Call on us before buying. J. D. BAUGHMAN, FARMERVILLE LA.

Hon. J. M. Smith, Treasurer of Louisiana is in Farmerville this week on a business trip.

Mrs. J. B. Covington, who has been confined to her room with a spell of sickness is improving.

Mr. Thornton Tugwell and Miss Clara Gibson of Conway neighborhood were married last week.

I am again in the seed business and want 1000 tons of which I will give the highest market price. JOHN BALLARD, Agt. Union Oil Co.

Capt. Frierson, a real estate man of Atlanta, Ga., is in Farmerville this week arranging for the selling of some town lots here.

NOTICE. Go to Charles Roberts for first class black smith and wagon work. Horseshoeing a specialty. At the Hall blacksmith shop.

The cow catchers were out in all their might last Saturday night and as a result five cows found themselves in the cow-jug Sunday morning.

Mr. John Lowery of Junction City, Ark. and an old citizen of Union Parish died in Shreveport Sanitarium last week. His remains was removed to Shiloh and buried.

Steam Fittings and Beltings. Just received a complete outfit of Steam fixtures consisting of Inspirations, Lubricators, Valves and Steam fittings, also all sizes of Belting. Give me a call. J. D. BAUHMAN.

Mr. Will Atkinson of Monroe arrived in Farmerville last Friday for a visit to the old folks and to recuperate from a wound which he recently received in his foot addidentally.

As an ADVERTISING SCHEME that MOST EXCELLENT INSTITUTION, HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE Jackson, Miss., is offering a few scholarships at a BIG bargain. Write them.

Messrs. Selig and Baughman’s spacious new livery stable is nearing completion and when finished will be one of the best equipped stables in north Louisiana.

Mr. Jake Lowery, representing the plumbing establishment of E. G. Sawyers, Ruston La., is in Farmerville this week employed in putting a sheet iron roof on Selig and Baughman’s new stable.

The brick are being hauled preparatory to building the new bank and Dr. Jameson’s new drug store. When completed these buildings will add no little to the appearance of the business portion of town.

We learn that quite a serious collision occurred at Marion Sunday by the work trains employed in the construction of the Farmerville and Southern railroad running together. One of the engines was considerably smashed up but no lives were lost.

NOTICE. We are now doing business in Union Parish and guarantee our work to be strictly first class. If you have any work in the way of Plumbling, Tin and Sheet Iron, Roofing, Kitchen Sinks, Bathroom fixtures, etc., write to E. G. Sawyers, Ruston, La. and it will receive our prompt attention.

Education Topics Conducted By J. B. HIX

The Bond Issue

Back of the bond measure we have our honest and faithful State Supt. J. B. Aswell. Nothing could induce him to fight for a measure that would not mean good for the people of the State. This alone should cause every man to give this measure his earnest consideration.

One objection raised to the Bond issue is, that we need good school teachers and longer terms of school rather than better school houses. We grant that the last two are sorely needed, but why not have the three along together? Wherever you find a good school house well situated, and well furnished, you will find the people interested in education. One only has to travel through the rural districts of the state to be convinced that better school houses are a crying need.

Another objection raised is that the money will be improperly expended. Many think that the cities will get all and the rural districts none. This is not true. These funds will be distributed according to article 248 of the constitution which says:

All funds raised by the state for the support of the public schools, except poll tax, shall be distributed to each parish in proportion to the number of children between the ages of six and eighteen years. It is intended that local boards shall have charge of these funds and spend the money to the best advantage. These boards will not spend money for fancy sites and houses as some think, as they themselves will be under certain restrictions in order that the money may not be wasted.

Read the proposed amendment on the first page of the Gazette.

Other objections will be noticed next week.

The meeting of The Union Parish Teachers Association at Bernice on Sept. 24th was on of the most interesting of the year. Supt. Aswell, Prof. McCullough and Prof. Carson of Ruston and Mr. Critchet, editor of the Herald were present and gave the Association good talks. A few of Union Parish’s teachers were there.

The good people of Bernice invited us into their hospitable homes where we received every attention that would tend to make anyone enjoy his visit. For the lack of time the regular program was carried over till the next meeting which will be held in Farmerville October 21st and 22nd. Everybody is invited to come.

WANTED — Industrious man or woman as permanent representative of big manufacturing company, to look after its business in this county and adjoining territory. Business successful and established. Salary $20.00 weekly and expenses. Salary paid weekly from home office. Expense money advanced. Experience not essential. Enclose self addressed envelope. General Manager, Como Block, Chicago.

On account of recent heavy rains the Rio Grande River is on a rampage leaving death and disaster in its wake. Three towns were washed away and twelve persons drowned last Sunday.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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