Farmerville City Cemetery

This is the image you see when you Google the Farmerville City Cemetery. However, if you visit the cemetery you will see it in another light. The cemetery is much larger than you see in the photo. It is maintained by the Farmerville City Cemetery Association. These people do the best they can with limited resources.

Photo by Lisa Preaus

This cemetery was founded on September 27, 1841 when an ordinance was passed by the first Policy Juror while they were mapping out the town of Farmerville. Even at that time they knew how important it was to have a place to bury their people.

Photo by Lisa Preaus

The cemetery is the resting place of many prominent citizens and many, many more people who were born, went to school, and made an ordinarily life in Farmerville.

Photo by Lisa Preaus

You will know many of the names on the markers.

Photo by Lisa Preaus

Some you will not know.

Photo by Lisa Preaus

All deserve a resting place that is cared for.

Photo by Lisa Preaus

A place where their families can visit.

Photo by Lisa Preaus

A place where their families can find them.

Photo by Lisa Preaus

As I said before, the Association can only do so such. They need volunteers to help keep the cemetery clean and mowed. They need money to buy gas for the mowers and string for the weed eaters. They need big strong men to put markers in their place. They need more money to buy cleaner made to clean markers and people to help clean them.

This is a cemetery that should be on The National Register of Historic Places. It is a cemetery that most of us from Farmerville have ancestors buried there.

Please consider volunteering to help put the cemetery in order and keep it that way. If possible, give a donation to the Association. They suggest $40 for one year from families who have someone there. Any amount you can afford will be deeply appreciated. You can send a donation to the address below:

Farmerville City Cemetery Association
P O Box 553
Farmerville LA  71241


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