The Gazette
October 19, 1904







Grand Celebration of First Arrival of Passenger Trains! Largest Free Barbecue Ever Given in Union Parish! Fine Music! Speeches! Sale in Large Tent! Come and Be With Us! All Cordially Invited! The Long Needed Railroad Has Come! Now Watch Farmerville Shake Herself and Rise Like a Giant to Her Natural and Far Greater Proportions as a Center of Business, Population Manufacturing and Wealth! If You Want Lots in Greater Farmerville for Homes, for Business, for Rent Houses or to Re-sell for Quick and Heavy Profit, This is Your Opportunity! Come and Secure All You Can at this First Sale at First Cost! Read Description of Property Below.


All who know the history of Farmerville know that it has been the most prosperous business town of its size in the state, formerly shipping about 10,000 bales of cotton and other products in proportion, and now, with railroad as well as water transportation, perpetuating lowest freight rates and also quick communication and transportation connections with the railroads and commercial centers of the country, Farmerville will regain the business that naturally and logically belongs to her, and rapidly grow to far greater size and importance. Being the parish seat and in the center of Union Parish, on the northern border, one of the largest and best parishes in the state, and surrounded by a large area of very fertile but elevated, rolling, naturally drained and healthful country, where the uplands have rich sandy loam super soil, underlaid by clay subsoil, and the rive and bayou lands deep, rich alluvial soil, the natural resources are vast and varied and the situation ideal for a a large, thriving town, which is the destiny of future and greater Farmerville.

PRODUCTS. The character of the lands, the equable climate, and the long growing season, make this fine country splendidly adapted to one productive growth of a great variety of products, including cotton and all the staple crops, vegetables, fruits, melons, grasses, live stock, etc.

TIMBER IS ABUNDANT, including pine and a great variety of hardwoods.

A LARGE LUMBER MILL, with a capacity of 125,000 feet per day, will be built at Farmerville (this is official and reliable) and building material, now hard to get, will be abundant and cheap.

FARMERVILLE occupies an elevation of about 185 feet, has fine natural drainage, excellent health, good well and spring water, can easily procure an abundance of fine artesian water at little cost, has excellent three schools including graded High School, with up-to-date curriculum and faculty, sociable, moral, honorable, big hearted people as can be found anywhere, who own their town homes and farms near by and seem to be contented, happy, unselfish, and anxious to welcome and aid all good new-comers.

A NEW COURT HOUSE, one of the prettiest in the state, has just been completed; a fine two story brick bank building, a two story brick drug store and a large livery stable are now going up. A large dry goods store, a large vehicle emporium and a large general store (also brick) will be built early next spring by Mr. W. J. Turnage. A large and fine residence will be built by Dr. C. H. Jameson on corner of Jackson and LaFayette Sts. Beside the above, many of the old buildings now on the square will soon be removed and replaced by handsome, modern, structures. The Pine Hill Lumber Co. who will erect the big lumber mill above mentioned, have bought three fine lots at the corner of Water and Washington Sts. on which they will soon erect three large brick stores, with offices above the corner store and a large auditorium above the north store. Ground has been secured for a cotton seed warehouse and cotton yard near the depot, which will be built as soon as the side track is located. Of course there will be a great deal of improvement and building after the sale, of which the writer is not now informed of authorized to speak.

THE LOCKS AND DAMS, being constructed by the Government on the Ouachita, one of which is below Monroe, will greatly improve navigation on Bayou D’Arbonne to Farmerville, thus increasing river and railroad competition and perpetuating lowest freight rates for Farmerville, which will prove to be a very important factor in the upbuilding of the town.

Farmerville’s prospects are bright and her transformation in the near future cannot fail to be great. The good people of Farmerville and Union Parish are not lacking in enterprise and loyalty to their town and county but having had no railroad, they have been helpless. At last the long hoped for railroad has come, and with good connections, low freight rates, quick transit and an abundant supply of merchandise and cheap building materials, the people can and will make their town what it ought to be. Keep one eye on Farmerville and watch her grow.

GREATER TOWN LIMITS. Knowing that the great and rapid growth of Farmerville will require much more room, the town council has already prepared and sent to the Governor for his signature a charter for the extension of the town limits, taking in the depot, the Smith addition, and other needed territory.

THE BEAUTIFUL SMITH ADDITION. The lots to be sold are on the home place of Hon. James M. Smith, the State Treasurer, who generously donated about 20 acres for the depot and railroad, around which this addition is laid out. The addition begins only 300 yards from court house square and extends on both sides of the railroad and all around the depot. It is decidedly the nearest, prettiest, most elevated, commanding and in all respects the best property for a first class addition to the town, and is the only property so near and convenient to both the public square and the depot.

From a large portion of the lots the business portion of the town is in full view, the city clock can be easily read and the striking plainly heard.

The fact that a large portion of Farmerville’s trade will come in on both sides and through the center of this new addition and the further fact that the natural trend of the town will be towards and around the depot make it certain that this addition will quickly build up and be the prettiest and best part of the town. There is already a pressing demand for homes in Farmerville and none to be had.

SPECIAL TRAINS AND REDUCED RATES have been applied for and will be advertised later. Apply to your nearest railroad agent for schedules of trains, cheap tickets and full information.

BIG SALE TENT. The sale wil be made under a large tent or shelter to protect from rain or sun.

A LARGE FINE BAND will furnish music for this occasion and a free concert Wednesday night.

TERMS OF SALE. So that all, even those of most limited means can buy these choice lots for homes, business, investment or speculation, they will be sold on very easy terms, viz, ONLY ONE THIRD CASH BALANCE ONE AND TWO YEARS AT 8 PER CENT INTEREST AND TO THOSE WHO PREFER TO PAY ALL CASH, A LIBERAL DISCOUNT WILL BE GIVEN. TITLES ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.


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