Letter to the Editor

Submitted by Molly Liggin Rankin

To the Editor:

In 1850, my Grandfather Elijah Tabor moved his family to Shiloh from Winston County, Mississippi.

His home, which is pictured below, took two years to build because, he explained, everything had to be done by hand. The two-story log cabin was put together with pegs and is still in a fair state of presentation. It is located one mile west of Shiloh Church.

The other house was that of my grandfather, E. P. Bolton, where he lived and finished raising his family after moving to Shiloh from Griffon, Georgia in 1850. His one son, George W. Bolton, later moved to Alexandria and helped to organize the Rapides Bank. One of his descendants, Robert Bolton, is now the bank’s ???.

???? Bernice and organized a bank. The Heard Brothers moved to Bernice and build nice homes. E. B. Roberson moved to Bernice and built a big store and Sebe Harris moved to Ruston and built a 50 room hotel.

Mr. father, R. J. Tabor, had a Star Mail Route from Shiloh to Summerfield. He had to make round trips three times a week for $175 dollars a year.

This letter can only describe the living conditions in and around Shiloh at that time. Nothing is left now but the church and the cemetery and a few of the descendants of the early settlers.

Elisha Bolton Tabor


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