Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
October 26, 1904

S. S. Grave to W. S. Spears, 230 acres of land, $149.75.
T. J. Cole to H. L. Earley, 234 acres of land, $450.
W. F. Usrey to Emma Perkins, 40 acres of land, $80.
L. M. Dendy to S. T. Gray, 80 acres of land, $50.
State of Louisiana to S. T. Gray, 40 acres of land, $40.08.
S. T. Gray to J. W. Elliot, 520 acres of land, $1875.
A. B. and T. B. Henderson to S. T. Gray, 230 acres of land, $106.45.
R. E. Thomson to W. Rives, 3 acres of land with improvements, $1200.
Adeline Tettleton to W. D. Biggs, 40 acres land, $125.
J. D. Everett to R. L. Hudson, 1 lot of land, $25.
Jno Carter to M. Simson, 1 acre of land, $3.00.
W. F. Usrey to J. D. Dison, 320 acres land, $125.
J. D. Dison to W. W. Rhodes, 320 acres of land, $520.
J. O. Hodnett to J. R. Pinchard, 2 1/2 acres land, $100.
P. A. Tatum to J. O. Hodnett, 1 lot in Shiloh, $20.
B. T. Hopkins to W. M. McKinnie, 120 acres of land, $250.
Heirs of Eli and Mary E. Denton to Geo. W. Denton, 66 2/3 acres of land, $150.
James H. Jones to John H. Jones, 121 acres land, $533.33.
Heirs of Mary A. Denton to James Wallace, 40 acres land, $66.
L. E. Smith to W. T. Sehon, 80 acres land, $397.83.
Heirs of Eli & Mary A. Denton to R. E. Smith, 160 acres land, $350.
J. W. Boatright to C. A. Kelly and wife, 40 acres land, $14.
Pine Hill Lbr, Co. Ltd. to Mary A. Calk, 3 acres land $9.50.
J. T. Wainwright to W. W. Robinson, 1 lot of land, $100.
Jas A. Dean to M. B. Phillips, 1 lot of land, $215.
R. M. Thurman to J. G. Goss, 100 acres land, $580.


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