Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
November 2, 1904

Just watch Farmerville spread herself.

Miss Bessie Murphy is quite sick with slow fever.

The district court did not hold Tuesday at being a legal holiday.

I will be at Marion 14th and at Oakland 21st Nov. J. M. THURMAN. Dentist.

Mrs. R. P. Webb of Monroe was a visitor to Farmerville last week.

Mrs. J. C. Montgomery of Monroe came up to the big barbecue last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Z. T. Goyne of Ruston were visitors to Farmerville’s big barbecue last Thursday.

If you want to get in the coming town of North Louisiana come to Farmerville. Do it now.

Mrs. R. C. Webb of Mer Rouge was visiting relatives and friends in Farmerville the latter part of last week.

On and after Nov. 1st we will have a handsome new bus to meet all trains. SELIG & BAUGHMAN.

We regret to state that Mrs. Clara Norris, who has been sick for some time with slow fever is no better.

Mrs. L. H. Barnes, after spending several days visiting her mother in Ruston returned to her home in Farmerville Tuesday.

Mrs. Claud Rowland and Mrs. A. C. Gill of Lapile Ark. are visiting friends and relatives in and about Farmerville.

Mrs. W. E. Dean, of Portland Ark., is visiting in Farmerville the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Trimble.

Mrs. Mary Calloway of Ruston after spending several days in Farmerville visiting her many friends returned to her home Tuesday.

I have a few sets of double and single buggy harness which I will sell cheap for cash. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Miss Elma Barnes of Arcadia spent several days of last week visiting her mother’s family in Farmerville.

Mrs. Lou Jameson received a telephone message Sunday calling her to Miss Eda Jameson, her grand-daughter who is quite sick in Bernice.

Miss Daisy Scott of Memphis, Tenn. arrived in Farmerville last week to take charge of the music class for the ensuing scholastic year.

If you are going to take a trip and wish to avoid the long walk to the depot be sure to ring up Selig & Baughman. They will get you there in a hurry.

We have on hand a few buggies and surries which we will sell very cheap as we want to close them but before ordering. J. D. Baughman.

There will be a man at the warehouse on the 24 to remain. Bring your seed and get the market price for same. JOHN BALLARD, AGT. UNION OIL CO.

THAT MOST EXCELLENT, PRACTICAL, PROGRESSIVE, INSTITUTION, HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE, Jackson Miss., is now in a position to give a FIRST-CLASS business course without the coast of tuition. They can only take a limited number. Write them at once.

The yard around the handsome new court-house has been graded and when the new iron fence is built around it and plenty of grass is planted it will certainly be a yard that will do any ones eyes good to see.

We have moved our livery business to our new stable where we will be pleased to serve our patrons as of old. We have put in a new up to date bus which we will use in conveying passengers to and from the depot. SELIG & BAUGHMAN.

Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Trimble and children, formerly residents of this town but now of Orange, Tex., were visitors in Farmerville last week.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.

The number of people in Farmerville last Thursday have been estimated from 5,000 to 7,000. The crowd was a hard one to estimate because they were scattered over a radius of three quarters of a mile, but there is no doubt but what there was at least 5,000 and probably more.

For Thirty Years. “Inclosed find money order for one dollar, for which please send me its worth in Simmons Liver Purifier , put up in tin boxes. I have been using the medicine for thirty years.” THOS. H. REILLY, JONESVILLE, LA. No comments necessary Price 25c per box.

W. L. Trimble, formerly a resident of Farmerville but now of Crowley, La, was a visitor in Farmerville last week, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Trimble.

Saved Him. “It did not kill me but I think it would if it had not been for Hunt’s Cure. I was tired, and well nigh used up when I commenced using it for an old and severe case of Eczema. One application relieved and one box cured me. “I believe HUNTS CURE will cure any form of itching known to mankind.” CLIFTON LAWRENCE, HELENA, O. T.

Truck Growers Association

The lands of Union Parish and especially that portion of it traversed by the Farmerville & Southern Railroad are well adapted to the truck growing industry. It has been thoroughly demonstrated that there can be raised as fine cabbage, potatoes, peas, beans, tomatoes, fruits, etc., on our lands as can be found any where, and new since we have a railroad through the parish which will give us better shipping facilities it behooves our citizens to get together at once and organize a Truck Growers Association. That a farmer could not engage in a more lucrative occupation to say nothing of the enhanced valuation of property, has been thoroughly demonstrated by the citizens of our two sister parishes — Lincoln and Claiborne. A little over one year ago the farmers of Lincoln Parish, together with the leading businessmen of the town of Ruston – prominent among whom was Mr. H. W. Reagan who is a gentleman well known throughout this parish and to whose efforts especially is due the building of the new railroad — got together and organized a Truck Growers Association. The first crop, which was put upon the market last summer proved that there is enormous profits in the business. Many of the farmers who only planted a small patch and worked it at odd moments realized all the way from $300 to 1500 out of it. Others who planted more extensively realized more in proportion. They are making preparations to go into it more extensively and in a more business lake manner for next year. Today the very same lands that could have been bought one year ago for $2.00 or $3.00 per acre are now selling for $5.00 and $6.00 and the increase in business that the town of Ruston has realized out of it is something wonderful. There is nothing in the world to hinder Union Parish from doing the same thing. As Mr. Reagan has vast interests in Union Parish and consequently is directly interested in the up building and the advancement of the country no doubt he would very readily lend us his assistance in the matter. As he has considerable experience in the experience in the business, being if we mistake not the President of the Lincoln Parish Association he could render us a great deal of serve along this line.

Let every man who has the interest of his town and parish at heart think seriously on this proposition.

Capt. T. A. Frierson, the hustling real estate man who so successfully conducted the big sale of the town lots in the Smith addition of Farmerville on last Thursday and Friday left Monday morning for his home in Atlanta, Ga. Capt. Frierson during his short stay with us has made many warm friends among us who regret very much to see him leave. He stated that he could see a very brilliant future for Farmerville and if the citizens would continue the spirit of “push” which they have stated there would be no limit to the town’s achievements.

CONSTIPATION Heath is absolutely impossible if constipation be present. many serious cases of liver and kidney complaint have sprung from neglected constipation. Such a deplorable condition as unnecessary. There is a cure for it. Herbine will speedily remedy matters. C. A. Lindsay, P. M., Bronson, Fla., writes, Feb. 12, 1902: Having tried Herbine, I find it a fine medicine for constipation. 50c bottle. Sold by J. D. Baughman.

The handsome new brick structure being constructed by the Farmerville State bank and Dr. C. H. Jameson on the corner of Main and Bayou streets is nearing completion and in a few more weeks will be ready for occupancy. It will be, when completed, as nice a building a can be found any where. It will be a two story affair with plate glass front, the north half of which will be the domicile of the Farmerville State Bank and the south half will be Dr. Jameson’s drug store. The upper story will contain several nice offices which will be rented out.


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