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November 9, 1904

All parties indebted to me either by note or account are requested to come forward and make settlement. By no being the date opposite your name on the Gazette you can see how much you owe for the paper. Unless your indebtedness is paid soon or otherwise arranged satisfactorily you will find the claim in the hands of a collector or attorney. So please come forward and settle promptly. J. G. TRIMBLE.

Mr. John Odom left today for a visit to Bastrop.

Mrs. James Maroney of Oakland is spending the week in Farmerville.

Mr. Porter, a young architect from Tennessee has located in Farmerville.

We regret to learn that Miss Bessie Murphy is still very sick.

We will pay the highest market price for cotton. Give us a call before selling. J. W. Stancil & Bro.

Miss Josie Gill of Ruston is visiting in Farmerville this week, the guest of the Misses Selig.

Mr. E. F. Laupheimer made a business trip to Shreveport the latter part of last week.

The Baptist church of Farmerville is soon to begin the construction of a handsome, new parsonage.

We learn that Rev. Elliott of Ruston will move to Farmerville this week to take charge of the pastorial work of the baptist church here.

I will be at Marion 14th and at Oakland 21st Nov. J. M. THURMAN. Dentist.

We are glad to state that Mrs. Clara Norris, who has been quite sick for the past few weeks is improving rapidly.

Mr. L. Hartman went as deputy sheriff to Junction City to hold the election at that place yesterday.

I have a few sets of double and single buggy harness which I will sell cheap for cash. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Mr. T. C. Atkinson of Monroe was in Farmerville last week visiting his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Atkinson.

Mr. J. B. Clark returned Monday from Shreveport where he went to place his son in the Draughan’s Business College at that place.

We regret to learn that Capt. M. W. Wilson has been confined to his bed with fever for the past several days and hope for his speedy recovery.

Mr. Raley, the popular young barber of Farmerville has sold his barber shop to Mr. Johnson of Victoria, Ark. who will in the future run the shop.

We have on hand a few buggies and surries which we will sell very cheap as we want to close them out before ordering. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Conductor Crocket brought his wife and child to Farmeville today and they will in the future board at Mr. J. D. Fentons.

We have received one car load of High Patent flour which we will sell at $5.30 per barrel. J. W. Stancil & Bro.

Messrs. J. Ed Roark and C. T. Simmons, two prominent citizens of our neighbor town – Marion – were on our streets Monday.

Miss Etta Shuster, at one time the charming post mistress of Farmerville but but now a resident of Monroe, was visiting friends in Farmerville last week.

THAT MOST EXCELLENT, PRACTICAL, PROGRESSIVE, INSTITUTION, HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE, Jackson Miss., is now in a position to give a FIRST-CLASS business course without the cost of tuition. They can only take a limited number. Write them at once.

We are informed that Mr. J. D. Baughman is soon to begin the construction of a big brick building on the corner now occupied by his barn and mule lot. The building will be a two story brick with solid glass front and will be 66 1/2 feet wide by 100 feet long. This will be as large and as handsome a building as can be found anywhere about here and will be quite an ornament to Main street.

The merchants of Farmerville are now in position to pay the highest market price for cotton as they have a cotton buyer. Mr. J. H. Sanders who represents a concern in Monroe and who takes it off their hands every day as they buy it.

Hon. Jas M. Smith, after spending several weeks in Farmerville left Tuesday morning for Baton Rouge. Mr. Smith stated that he would like very much to stay longer but that impotent official duties called him to Baton Rough.

Quite a little excitement was created on our streets Monday morning by the cry of “fire”. Upon investigation it was found that the building occupied by the telephone exchange was in a light blaze but it was quickly extinguished.

Notice. Parties holding seed tickets against me will turn them in to J. D. Baughman and get the cash. He will also give you prices. JOHN BALLARD, Agt. Union Oil Mill.

Mr. W. A. Kirkpatrick, an old highly respected citizen of the eastern part of the parish dies yesterday. He was 69 years old and has lived in Union Parish nearly all his life. To his family and host of friends, the Gazette extends much sympathy.

Anybody who does not believe that Farmerville is the coming town should come here and see what a hustle she has on herself.

NOTICE. Mr. J. D. Porter, a contractor from Tennessee, expects to locate in Farmerville. Anyone expecting to build a house should figure with him before letting contract. Plans made and estimates cheerfully furnished. For further information address. J. D. PORTER, care of Gazette, Farmerville, La.

Yesterday’s Election

Reports concerning the National election state that Roosevelt carried New York by a safe majority and is undoubtedly elected. It is also stated that he carried most, if not all, the other doubtful states. In New Orleans the regular democratic ticket won as against the home rulers by 3000 to 4000 majority. In the country districts of the State a light vote was polled. The fate of the different amendments is not known at the time we go to press.


For Joint Meeting of Lincoln Parish and Union Parish Teachers’ Associations to be held at D’Arbonne, La., on Thursday, Nov. 24, 1904.

Moral Training – Roaten
Cooperation – W. M. Harris
Duties of Parish Superintend – J. O. Honett


W. N. Bing, Select Reading. Miss Ellis, District Schools and Local Taxation. O. B. Staples, Beautifying School Houses and School Grounds. Gen. Discussion

Every person of Union Parish who is interested in education, and especially every Teacher, should go to D’Arbonne on Thanksgiving. This gives promise of being one of the best meetings of the year. The president of the Association is very anxious to have Union Parish well represented at the meeting.

All the teachers of Union Parish will please send their names and addresses to J. B. Hix, Farmerville, La.

Mr. A. Nelson, a prominent citizen of the Junction City neighborhood was a visitor in Farmerville Monday.

The Continental Bank building of Memphis, Tenn. collapsed on Oct. 31st. killing and wounding about 20 occupants.

Monroe is soon to have a new V. S. & P. depot which will cost $48,000 and which will stand on the same site that the old and dilapidated depot now stands.

Mr. D. E. Laupheimer is putting in a nice stock of general merchandise and groceries in the D. Stein building. Mr. Laupheimer is a hustling young man and we wish him much success in his new business.

Mr. and Mrs. Walt accompanied by Capt. Ashby left Tuesday morning for St. Louis. Mr. Walt is the tie contractor for the Farmerville and Southern Railroad and Capt. Ashby is the Civil Engineer.

A pair of horses hitched to a buggy belonging to Mr. Thornton Tugwell of Conway, La. ran amuck on the streets of Farmerville last Saturday and after running at a break neck speed around several blocks they came to a stop against a post back of Mr. Edward Everett’s residence. The buggy was completely demolished but no other harm done.

Mr. James Herbert Sanders arrived in Farmerville Monday and was so ill when he got here that he had to be carried from the depot on a stretcher.

Mr. Sanders is one of the contracting parties in the Sanders Cook wedding which happy event was to have been tonight at 8 o’clock, but on the account of the illness of Mr. Sanders it will have to be postponed.

The following parties who were found guilty of serious charges in the recent term of court were sentenced last week and conveyed to the penitentiary by deputy sheriff Underwood. Joe Green who was tried for murder and convicted for manslaughter was given two years. Will Gardiner was convicted for the same offence and given two years. Joe Rodgers convicted of manslaughter was given two years and Robert Greer convicted of shooting at with intent to kill was given one year.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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