Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
December 7, 1904

C. J. Morton to Wm. Cooksey, 8 lots in Bernice, $220.
Robt Meadows to Joe Youngblood, 13 acres land, $240.
G. W. Harper Tutor to A. A. Phillips, 40 acres land, $60.
A. A. Phillips to C. R. Bailey, 60 acres land, $575.
P. W. Bearden to J. K. Atkinson, 1 lot in Farmervile, $402.
James Davis et al to P. S. Rabun, 86 acres land, $375.50.
G. W. Feazel to Milsaps & Co., 80 acres land, $276.50.
G. A. Kilgore Sr. to Elijah Jones, Jr. 86 acres land, $473.
G. A. Kilgore Sr. to Jas Highshaw, 225 acres land, $1125.
G. A. Kilgore Sr. to Geo Jonikin, 157 acres land, $800.
A. W. Carmichel to J. C. Milner, 80 acres land, $569.75.
W. E. Lowrey to a. S. Culpepper, 110 acres land, $1440.90.
R. E. Pace to W. D. Norman, 273 acres land, $1275.
W. E. Lowrey to A. W. Pucket, 50 acres land, $599.
W. C. Norman to R. E. Pace, 100 acres land, $406.
Isabella Hammons to H. B. Sawyers, 80 acres land, $150.
North La Land & Imp. Co. to J. T. Allen, 40 acres land, $100.
J. T. Wainright et al to Chas Kelly, 80 acres land, $125.
J. E. Buckley to J. L. Littleton, 40 acres land, $160.
J. R. Dollar to G. W. Defee, 80 acres land, $25.
Milsaps & Co. Ltd. to M. B. Day, 80 acres land, 600 pounds lint cotton.
J. M. Brown to Z. E. Arrant, 1 lot of land with improvements, $1133.50.
Emmet Holley to Thurman & Edwards, 55 5-13 acres land, $55.
Mrs. M. C. Wade to W. L. Williams, 80 acres land, $400.
W. A. Nelson to W. W. Murphy, 80 acres land, $450.


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