Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
December 7, 1904

Notice. There will be an important meeting of Evangeline Chapter No 7 O. E. S. on Friday Dec 9th at 7 o’clock p. m. Members are urgently requested to attend. Mrs. Reita Hartman. W. N.

The Police Jury met in regular session last Monday.


Mr. Hamiton of Downsville was a visitor to Farmerville Tuesday.

Mr. O. H. Thomson of Marion was in Farmerville Monday.

For sale cheap for cash or for approved paper, 1 good iron safe. J. G. TRIMBLE.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Taylor arrived in Farmerville last Saturday and will in the future make this his home.

A beautiful upholstered chair to be given away — Laupheimer says if you don’t believe it just come see it.

Mrs. Doctor Tatum of Cherry Ridge spent Saturday and Sunday in Farmerville.

We regret to learn that little Miss Louise Jackson is quite sick and hope for her speedy recovery.

New Firm and New Goods is to be found at D. E. Laupheimer’s (?ing) but the best at D. Stein (?).

The store, house and stock of goods of Mr. Perry Knox at Sprin(?), Ark., was burned last Friday last.

The Twentieth Century Club met last Wednesday evening at the residence of Mrs. Cook.

Mr. C. R. Moore, representing the George E. King Bridge Co. of Dallas, Texas, is in town this week interviewing the Police Jury.

Laupheimer says for the fastidi(?) taste to come and examine his stock of fancy groceries, spinach, (?), beets and every thing tougue and heart desires.

Hon. J. C. Rockett, a prominent citizen of Bernice neighborhood was in town Tuesday.

I have a few sets of double and single buggy harness which I will sale cheap for cash. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

A crowd of the young people of Farmerville were entertained at the residence of Miss Miriam Hartman last Friday night.

Governor Blanchard last week appointed Charles H. Gully of Ouachita, Justice of the Peace, in place of Geo. Clark.

We have on hand a few buggies and surries which we will sell very cheap as we want to close them out before ordering. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

The teachers of the different Sunday Schools of Farmerville met Tuesday night at the Methodist church to arrange a program for a Christmas entertainment.

Think you that I can make good Photographs? Right. Give me a trial. Satisfaction given. J. B. ADCOCK.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Underwood, Jr., died last Saturday. To the bereaved parents The Gazette extends much sympathy.

Notice. Parties holding seed tickets against me will turn them in to J. D. Baughman and get the cash. He will also give you prices. JOHN BALLARD, Agt. Union Oil Mill.

Our old-fellow townsman and ex-Sheriff C. H. Murphy was a visitor to Farmerville last Monday. Mr. Murphy is now engaged in the banking business at El Dorado, Ark.

Pictures. I will take pictures here at my studio until Jan, 15th, 1905. Call and have your work done before the rush. — Holidays. J. B. ADCOCK, Bernice, La.,


About thirty farmers or young men interested in agriculture to take the SHORT WINTER COURSE in AGRICULTURE to begin on Monday, January, 2, 1905, and continue ten weeks, at the LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY and AGRICULTURAL and MECHANCIAL COLLEGE at Baton Rough.

The course will embrace subjects of great importance to progressive farmers, and each subject will be treated in a thoroughly instructive and practical manner.

Tuition is free to all students from Louisiana, and living expenses will be made as low as possible.

Write for full information.

The Rev. Irl R. Hicks Almanac for 1905 is now ready, being the finest edition ever issued. This splendid and costly book of 200 pages is a complete study of astronomy and storm and weather for 1905. It is too well known to need comment. See it and you will so decide. The price postpaid to any address is 30c per copy. The Rev Irl R. Hicks’ scientific, religious and family journal, WORD AND WORKS, now abreast, with the best magazines, is 75c a year. BOTH WORD AND WORKS and the Almanac $1.00 per year. No better investment possible for any person or family. Try it and see.

Send to WORD AND WORKS PUB.CO. 2201 Locust St., St. Louis, Mo.


The Mt. Tabor Farm on main road between Farmerville and Bernice. It contains 408 acres of good land and has two comfortable residences, and fine pastures. Terms easy. Apply to J. G. TRIMBLE.


A instance of commercial development and growth to proportions unusual is cared in the career of the well known seed firm, D. M. Ferry & Co., of Detroit, Mich. Since its establishment half a century ago, the company, following out principles of strict business integrity and building upon unquestionable merit; has steadily grown until the name of Ferry’s Seeds is now a house hold word.

All farmers and gardeners ought to have a copy of the 1905 Seed Annual of the Ferry Company. It contains information and suggestions that are invaluable. The Annual will be mailed free to anyone addressing D. M. Ferry & Co., Detroit, Mich.

For Cheap Holiday Excursion Rates

To points in Texas and Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Indian and Oklahoma territories, and the Southeast; see any TEXAS AND PACIFIC Ticket Agent, or write E. P. Turner, General Passenger Agent, Dallas, Texas.

I have moved my business from the Montgomery stand to the Knights of Pythias building. Fancy groceries a specialty. Call and see me. K. A. PLEASANT.


Farmerville, La., — Oct 11 1904

Any lands owned by us – especially those acquired from the V. S. & P. R. R. Co. and which deeds have not been made to, all verbal agreements are hereby canceled relative to same.

Anyone desiring to cultivate any of these lands will have to get special permission, otherwise we will consider use of same as a trespass. For further information address H. W. Reagan, Sec. & Treas. Ruston La.

Examination of Teachers

There will be held in Farmerville on the 8th and 9th of December 1904, an examination for the benefit of teachers who desire to get certificates or to renew old certificates to teach in the parish of Union. No other examination will be held until August 1905. Questions on all branches required by the law will be prepared and sent out. Teachers will take due notice and avoid further inconvenence.

The examination will open at 10 o’clock A. M.

J. O. Hodnett, Supt of Schools, Parish of Union

Just received a car of mules and will be at Farmerville Monday Oct. 28th and Wilhite and Point Monday Dec.5th. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.

There are about 10 copies of the Almanac from different years on Amazon


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