The Gazette
January 4, 1905

With the merry ringing of bells the new year makes its advent and the old its departure and with it comes warm sunny weather that is seldom had at this season of the year, even in our sunny south.

1905. What does she hold in store for us? To what height will we soar in progress and where will the new year of 1906 find us? That our town will make wonderful strides during the coming year we are satisfied. To show what advancement Farmerville has made in the past year we quote an article from The Gazette of February 25th, 1904:

“With this issue of the Gazette begins the 25th year of its existence. Before it reaches another milestone we hope and have strong reasons to believe that the iron horse will be making rapid and regular trips to Farmerville, and that in its wake will follow a bank, a cotton oil mill numerous saw mills, a canning factory and other enterprises of that character, building up the old town with new business, houses, additional residences and an active and thoroughly live population.

That The Gazette’s hopes of less than one year ago have been mostly been realized can be seen by any one who will come and investigate. We have the railroad and its a good one; we have the bank, one of the best paying institutions of its size in the state, we have the new business, houses and the new residences rapidly being constructed; we have the active and thoroughly progressive population and more coming in every day, and last but not least, we have a beautiful new courthouse, a building that would be an ornament to any town anywhere. That the saw mills will soon be constructed in order to manufacture our vast supply of pine timber into lumber is a settled fact and by the time another year rolls around there is no doubt but that Farmerville will have an oil mill, ice factory, canning factory, and numerous other enterprises, not mentioning electric lights and water works which is not at all an impossibility for our town.”

Looking back over the space of one short year it is astonishing what progress the little town had made. From a dull sleepy little village with the majority of her inhabitants dull and sleepy of less than one year age she has sprung into a thriving prosperous business town with push and progress for her motto. There is no room to doubt that the progress of Farmerville in the coming year will be far greater than it has been in the past because we are just now getting a good start and it is but natural that the present momentum we have attained will carry us much further down the one of progress than we have already gone.

Let us all pull together with a long steady pull and make the year 1905 a banner year in the history of the town of Farmerville and of the parish of Union.


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