Dots From Dubach

The Gazette
January 4, 1905

Editor Gazette:

As it has been some time since I saw any thing in print from this part of the country I will drop you a line or two.

Times are very dull here as the saw mill is shut down for repairs.

The planing mill is running with a small crew this week and I think every thing will start Monday.

We have had more rain than I ever knew in the same length of time and the streams are all overflowed.

The farmers are all looking grum over the low price of cotton.

The young people of our town have spent the holidays very pleasantly.

The passenger train ran over and killed old uncle Alvin Davis about two miles north of here on the 28th. He was old and deaf and did not know that it was near him.

Mr. W. E. Raney and Miss Lila Wise were married on the 28th. They left Monday for Pine Bluff, Ark., where they will in future reside.



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