Not Guilty

The Gazette
January 18, 1905

Mr. B. F. Pleasant, resident of Farmerville and ex sheriff of Union Parish is in Ruston attending to some business connected with the estate of J. W. Duty. Mr. Pleasant stated to a representative of the Leader this morning that Farmerville is on a boom, new buildings going up in various portions of the town and that the two new brick buildings are nearing completion. He says that the shriek of a locomotive whistle sounds strange in Farmerville and it is hard for the people to become use to it, at first a good portion of the town turning out to meet all incoming trains. — Ruston Leader.

Oh pshaw! The last sentence of the above paragraph pour bitters into our cup of joy. We were always glad to hear of Farmerville’s growth; we felt happy that she had been connected with the outside world by steel rails, but this Rustonian way of going in masses to meet every train puts a damper on our happiness. Ruston should be allowed undisturbed and undisputed to exercise the right to meet trains. Her people were the first to start the fashion and we hope the Farmervillians will abstain from infringing on the Rustonian prerogative. — Monroe News.

We are not guilty. No doubt citizen Pleasant was speaking of the day of the first arrival of the train into our town, the 27th. of October, and as it will be remembered that this was a gala day in Farmerville we claim that we had a just right to go to the station. The citizens of Farmerville are entirely to busy to go to meet a train and, even if this were not the case, the right, as our esteemed Monroe News puts it, belongs excursively to Ruston and we have entirely two much respect for Ruston’s rights and privileges to infringe in much a manner.


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