From Evergreen, Shiloh and Union Gin Communities

Farmerville Gazette, January 4, 1939
Written by Edna Liggin as Uncle Lige

Christmas mails got me mussed up and I got bee-hind with my news. And doggone, if lots ain’t took place durin’ the holidays. Lots of good eatin’ and rejoicin.

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Albritton were made happy when their son Gordon, came home for the holidays from New Orleans….Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lewis had a big turkey dinner Christmas Day with lots of chatterin’ kinfolks who brought boxes of good cakes and pies. My! How country folks do love to get together and eat and laugh….. Mr. J. A. Mathews of Chase, La., was a -visitin’ relatives up here, mainly Mrs. J. H. Lewis and children….Miss Lorraine Lee entertained her friends with a good, ole-time party Wednesday night….Misses Maxine and Elese Liggin, two tall young nurses, came from Charity hospital, Shreveport, to visit the home folks…..Mr. and Mrs. Lavelle Taylor and Jo Beth Taylor visited Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lewis while on their vacation from teaching at Holmesville….Mrs. and Mrs. George Myers, Floy Tabor, Mrs. Emma Smith and Betty Jo Smith came all the way from Shreveport to visit Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Tabor.

Miss Nell Liggin, teacher of Wilhite, spent Christmas week with her home folks….Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Wynn were Marion visitors….Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith at Shiloh entertained the kinfolds with another big Christmas dinner.

To Uncle Lige, the darnest, cutest Santa Claus trick is the Betsy-Wetsy dolls he left under the trees for the little girls. And the fire works this year make me think of them they have at the State Fair. Ouch! Did I burn my finger!

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shaver of Ruston visited Mrs. Jane Shaver December 25. Mrs. Shaver, who is almost 92 is confined to her bed….Mr. and Mrs. Delton Doss of Collinston spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Grafton….Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lewis, John Mathews and Malvin Liggin were Monroe visitors Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Albritton and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Brazzeal at Salem December 25.

“Give me a buzz, Miss Blue,” and I’ll be back next week!

Edna Matthews Liggin will always be remembered as the official historian of Union Parish and the Book Mobile Lady. She began writing the Uncle Lige column in The Gazette in 1939. Over the years she wrote many articles about the Union Parish history, the people there and her bottle collection. In her retired years she enjoyed visiting the older people in the Union Parish community.


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